Four years have passed since the now 26-Year-old in a Bieler, the administration made. But still the woman is traumatized, psychologically treated. Her former master had urged over four years sexual. Last week, the man standing in front of the regional court of Bern-Jura-Seeland.

To Sex, it was mainly for money transfers, said the victim. Because it is financially bad, went, lent, the managing Director your money on a regular basis. For this, he ordered her to his office where they had Sex. Also in the technology space and in your home you had intercourse.

fear of Teachers to lose

The money was going back to the chief and then eventually not at all. He saw the affection in return? Opera confirmed that it did not want to sleep with him. “I was afraid of, the Apprenticeship to, and sometimes even lose the residence permit,” she said.

had a Similar experience a further teaching daughter, now 23, in the summer of 2014: The chief grabbed her under the T-Shirt on the Breasts, stroking her intimate area of his pants and kissed her on the neck.

Sex-teacher is allowed to continue to

training, The court said the teacher, finally, guilty – because of the multiple utilization of an emergency situation, to the detriment of two young women. Behind bars, the man must not, however, if he is in the next two years. Apprentices, he is allowed to train the way, then continue.

The state attorney was not at all satisfied. She had previously demanded that the man should no longer work in the apprentice support. After all, The 26-Year-old, he has to pay 10’000 Swiss francs for satisfaction. Add to this the 9000 Swiss francs to help the victims of Bern, supported by the women and court costs of 24’000 Swiss francs. With the second wife, he had suited himself out of court a damage sum. (hah)