Joe Biden supporters are celebrating the former vice president’s early victories in a nail-biting race against President Donald Trump.

Biden has been declared the winner of New York, New Mexico, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, and Illinois – according to projections from the Associated Press and others – all typically Democrat-strongholds. 

Biden has handily been projected to win New York (70 percent with 30 percent of polls reporting), Delaware (60 percent with over 80 percent of polls reporting), Vermont (68 percent with over 80 percent reporting), Massachusetts (67 percent with over 30 percent reporting), New Jersey (over 60 percent with 60 percent reporting), Maryland (over 70 percent with 16 percent reporting), New Mexico (56 percent with 47 percent reporting), and Colorado (57 percent with over 75 percent reporting), Virginia  and Illinois remain closer with a split of approximately 53 to 45 percent in both states, with 53 percent and 40 percent of polls reporting, respectively. 

The race between the Democrat and Trump, however, is still too close to call with swing states still remaining a toss up, though many have called Florida in Trump’s favor. 

All the states Biden is currently projected to win were also won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, with Virginia being seen as a possible swing state for Trump, as the state has previously supported Republican presidential candidates since 1948 until flipping blue in 2008 with Barack Obama. 

With his projected wins, Biden currently stands at 122 potential delegates, slightly ahead of Trump, who has also won a handful of expectedly Republican-leaning states.  

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