The Trump administration has continued to ramp up hostilities with Beijing in its final days in power, having published a new list of restricted Chinese companies.

RT’s Boom Bust is joined by John Quelch, Dean of the University of Miami Herbert Business School, to lay out the new restrictive measures, and discuss how ties between the world’s two largest economies may evolve under a new administration.

“I think, from the incoming president’s point of view it’s actually very helpful to have the Trump administration further tighten the screw on China in its final 30 days. This gives the coming administration more opportunities for negotiation, more opportunities to back off some of these measures in exchange for resetting the relationship,” he said.

“I think President Biden is going to remain tough on China, particularly in the Democratic party there’s a lot more appetite for criticizing China and sanctioning China on human rights’ violation than in the Republican party,” Quelch added.

“So, I expect to see a strong China policy from President Biden, but one that is less dramatic, in the sense that there will be behind-the-scenes pressure but an effort to repair and reset the public relationship.”

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