the representatives of the Democratic party of the United States said Wednesday, June 24, that the Democrats will hold in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) is almost fully virtual national Congress of the party on nomination for President, using live broadcasts and streaming online services. this writes The Guardian.

it is Expected that the former Vice President of the USA Joe Biden will take part in the procedure of becoming a candidate for President from the Democratic party in the Congress to be held 17-20 August, but it is still unknown whether the event be a significant part of the audience.

In a statement, Democratic national Committee said that official business, including voting on the nomination of Biden and his yet to be named partner, will be virtual, and delegates are asked not to travel to Milwaukee.

Democrats were forced to make such decisions due pandemic coronavirus in the country. Biden and the party had to abandon the conventional attributes of an event that attracts tens of thousands of people to the host city to mark the beginning of General election campaign. Even during the civil war and the Second world war, the two major parties of the country have not abandoned the conventions in the format of a personal presence from the crowded arenas.

campaign Manager Biden Jen O’malley Dillon said that radically modified the Convention would not be an obstacle: “Vice President Biden is going to proudly accept the nomination of his party in Milwaukee and take the next step to make Donald trump President for one term”.