Former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden said that in case of victory in the presidential election would take foreign intervention in the American “democracy” as a hostile action.

He “warned” about this “Kremlin and other foreign government.” Biden said that “interference” in the elections “will significantly affect relations between the United States and the government of the intervening country”, RIA “Novosti”.

Biden promised that if elected special services will inform Americans about foreign interference. The white house, he said, will use all means to “get paid” by other States for “interference”.

According to him, “the price may include sanctions against the financial sector, the freezing of assets, the answer is in cyberspace and disclosure of corruption.” In addition, “can be taken a wide range of other actions, depending on the nature of the attack” on the United States.

Biden assured that the Agency will receive the necessary resources.

He stated that he had “no desire to organize the escalation of tensions with Russia or any other country.” Biden said that he “would prefer to use the whole energy of the administration to unite the international community in the fight against COVID-19 and economic problems.” However, “if any foreign power imprudently decides to intervene in democracy” US, he “as President, would not hesitate to make her pay”.