Joe Biden, the candidate of the Democratic party of the United States in the upcoming presidential election, urged not to invite Russia to join the G7, if the information published by The New York Times about the alleged cooperation of Moscow with Afghan militants, truthful. With such statement the former Vice-President was made by the TV channel NBC.

According to Biden, if this is true, then this revelation is shocking. He also accused the President of the United States Donald trump is that he’s a few months knew about this threat for Washington’s cooperation and did not impose any sanctions for this gross violation of international law.

Earlier, the White house questioned the veracity of the data, according to which Moscow allegedly offered a reward associated with the terrorist Taliban (banned in Russia) militants for the murder of coalition troops in Afghanistan, including US forces and the UK.

The New York Times, citing US intelligence agencies reported that the Russian military intelligence secretly offered to pay for the murder of American soldiers. Thus, Moscow wanted to disrupt the peace negotiations, the U.S. and the Taliban, says the publication. In Russia, accusations are called unfounded.