Since the end of the month of August, a journalist from BFM-TV Mary Peyraube was preparing a documentary about the bank robber Redoine Faïd, on the run since his escape spectacular prison on the 1st of July. For this survey, entitled “Redoine Faïd, public enemy no. 1,” released Monday October 8, and designed to trace the career of the criminal, born in a city of Creil (Oise), near Paris, she met a thirty people, childhood friends, relatives, lawyers, police officers… What was his surprise to discover, at the time of the arrest Redoine Faïd, the 3 October, in an article published by Le Parisien, it would have been the subject of an oversight on the part of the police. This last, said the journal, would have decided, “with the agreement of the judges”, “remote monitoring of the reporter in the hope of putting the hand” on Redoine Faïd, because it was likely to get an interview with the fugitive “. A ” very rare “, stated the daily.

Monday, October 15, the press Association justice (APJ), and Mary Peyraube is a member, is mounted to the niche. In a statement, it denounced the “intrusive techniques” and announced his desire “to all the appeals that could be brought against what seemed to be a violation of the law on the protection of the confidentiality of journalists’ sources “.

“Non-compliance of the springs”

on Friday, the directorate of BFM-TV has called for explanations. She has sent two letters, one to the directorate-general of the national police and the other to the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris. “We have sought clarification on the nature of such follow-up : was it a geolocation, of the wiretaps ? How long does it lasted ? Is it finished today ?, said Celine Pigalle, director of the editorial BFM-TV. We lack information to judge, but, at this point, it seems neither fair nor consistent with the respect for the sources. And hardly justifiable. “

Mary Peyraube accurate never having had an objective to “interview” Redoine Faïd. “We were in a investigation very classic for a portrait with interviews of friends from college, relatives, lawyers, police officers, thugs have known,” she says. “We feel a possible attempt to discredit our work, by suggesting that we wanted to hold a microphone to this man. This is not the case, ” adds Ms. Pigalle.

For their part, the services of the public prosecutor of Paris say they can ” neither confirm nor deny the follow-up mentioned in the article of the Parisian, at this stage, in view of the evidence in the trial record “. The directorate-general of the national police will not comment on it no more, referring to the judicial institution. By its letters, BFM-TV hopes to get clarification. “A journalist cannot in any case be used to “pilot-fish” to the magistrates and to the police officers in charge of a criminal investigation, ” said APJ.