because of the pandemic coronavirus may 9 celebrations in Moscow region this year will be held in an unusual format for us. Instead of the fireworks launch into the sky lanterns, the March of “Immortal regiment” will be replaced by action #Bessmertnykh. The opening of the new Museum and exhibition complex “Zoe” in the village of petrischevo, which in the suburbs were preparing for a year, will be held in online mode. However, on the bright side. The first tour of the new Museum will hold a theater star — Sergei Bezrukov and Nonna Grishaeva, and, thanks to television, to be on the presentation of a unique Museum will be able to each of us.

Become the hero of the kinodramy

a New Museum complex “Zoe” in the village of petrischevo city district Ruza began to build a year ago, in may of 2019. And although he hasn’t officially opened, but in the Museum community it has been dubbed a Museum of the future.

the author of the concept was made by the famous producer Yang Vizinberg, in addition, he is the operator, Director, actor, and overall a very multi-faceted personality. Yang says that exposition you need to build according to the laws of drama and movie. Must be the main character, around which the unfolding events of a given time span, and Museum visitors have the opportunity to be inside the historical moment, become the accomplice of events.

petrishchevo main character, of course, is Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, here she was caught by the Nazis, tortured for a long time and eventually executed. The fate of this young girl of eighteen, like a drop of water, reflected the terrible tragedy at the time – the story of a cruel, merciless battle for Moscow, when for the sake of victory did not spare anyone, neither his nor other people. And since there is no separate Museum dedicated to the heroic feat of the defenders of the capital, in our country, the Museum “Zoe” will perform this semantic nagruzku.

the Image of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya has long been emasculated, varnished Soviet propaganda, then came perestroika, and was subject to revision many heroes, whose examples were brought up an entire generation of pioneers and Komsomol members. Anything wrote about Zoe lately: if she had schizophrenia that the locals wanted to Lynch her because she burned down their house. We are really hard to understand what he was thinking and he felt that the girl, when he performed his mission in the composition of the sabotage detachment.

But we must not forget that Zoe was a soldier and had to obey orders. Dokumentow of the time it is known that the Soviet command ordered to set fire to all the villages, where he was stationed German soldiers, the goal was to drive the enemy into the cold. And the fact that the locals on the eve of winter also lose your property and you can die of venomacer��cov did not care. So Zoe wasn’t just some crazy arsonist, she just obey the cruel laws of war.

the Museum space is divided into 9 rooms, and it’s not usual for us room with Windows, where the glass artifacts are stored. Objects that time time personal belongings Zoe and her brother Alexander, too, of course, in the exposition there, but the main thing here another. What visitors with immersive technologies, creating the effect of “immersion”, to help modern man to travel back to 1941 and to feel what it was like when the defenders of Moscow to live and to fight.

this semantic climax – the battle for Moscow-the exhibition brings visitors gradually. First introduces the pre-war time, the first sections of the Museum tell how she lived in a time the youth than interested, dreamed on the eve of war, they were other than we are or not?

Nonna Grishaeva, which 8 may be together with Sergey Bezrukov to take part in telepresentation of the Museum, will perform the role of a school teacher in time, she will talk about “their” students, who immediately after prom went to the front. Yesterday’s students became altadama, one immediately sent to the front, the other at first, Zoe, were trained in school deversantov then to be behind enemy lines. By the way, after exposition of the old building of the Museum is relocated to a new, there will be established school of intelligence.

Visitors will move around the Museum complex “inside the trenches”, the whole atmosphere is as close as possible to the realities of combat events. The transfer time, the effect of personal presence will help to create the special effects and the latest multimedia technology. For it answers the command of Jan Winsberg. In one of the halls visitors will be able to look in the window of a village house, where we spent the night before the execution, Zoya, there’s the whole situation repeats Poblenou, and the bench where you sat in the last hours of his life, the young heroine, is a real artifact.

snow-White building of the Museum complex is made in a minimalist style, a fruit garden, otsypana white trails. The Museum occupies 6 hectares, the Park will soon be a children’s Playground, will have a café, so the authors of the project suggest the Museum to come to petrishchevo the whole family for the whole day – you will not be bored.


What else will happen in the suburbs during the celebration of 9 may, which we are compelled to note in terms of isolation due to a pandemic coronavirus? About it to journalists in a course a press-conferences were told by the Minister of culture of the region Elena Kharlamova.

“on the Eve of our main state holiday in people who are still apart as ever there is a need in the Union. I am often approached by residents asking what will happen to the March of “Immortal regiment” this year? I’m sure it will be as soon as this difficult period. In the meantime, we offer to the residents of 8 and 9 may post photos of their relatives in the Windows of apartments or houses. Action #Bessmertnykh will certainly unite the entire Moscow oblast. And as soon as possible, we and our immortal heroes will walk through the cities and towns of the Moscow region and celebrate the Victory Day all together again,” said Elena Kharlamova.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has made major adjustments in a festive program on the occasion of the Victory Day, she’ll still be rich. According to Elena Harlamova, in the Moscow region there are 2780 veterans of the great Patriotic war, all of them will certainly congratulate you on may 9. To every hero in the yard will come a special team of artists, volunteers and arrange a small concert.

“Come in special cars with speakers and to congratulate war veterans. For them we will prepare a short performance to lighten the mood,” said

to Prepare for the holiday in the area began long ago, back in the beginning of the year. In January, the social media campaign was announced #of Progeria – any resident of the region could then come to one of the hundreds of studios video and make a movie about the heroism of his relative. Get the whole picture-more than 3.5 thousand commercials tell about participants of the great Patriotic war from Moscow, will be broadcast from 8 to 10 may in the social networks and other areas of information of the Ministry of culture of the Moscow region.

But the premiere of the film Igor Ugolnikov “Feat Podolsk cadets”, originally scheduled for 4 may, decided to postpone to a later date, will be lifted when the regime of self-isolation. Kharlamov explained by the fact that the premiere of the film from the very beginning wanted to make under the open sky, so he was able to see as many spectators.

“the Cadets went to the front of Podolsk, in the city district is still home to many of their relatives, and we wanted to gather all these people together for the suburbs this is a very significant story. I think that when the end of pandemic, we will have this screening simultaneously in all municipalities in the region”, – promised Kharlamov.

Now the cultural life in the region, according to the Minister, too, does not stop: libraries, children’s schools of arts, museums, theaters, houses of culture – all continue to work in online mode. They learn new digital technologies, create unique online virtual tours and theatrical projects.

Now, on the eve of Victory Day, social networks is especially a lot of different lECCI, challenge, flash-mobs and competitions. But not every cultural event should be online. For such traditional festivals as “Usadba jazz”, “Summer. Music. Museum”, a Festival of Tchaikovsky in Klin, which are held annually in the spring and summer in the Moscow region, just need the presence of the audience, indescribable atmosphere suburban estates – these activities should take place in real time and space.

“They can be transferred at a later time, but I hope that they will be held. Also we are now discussing with the suburban theatres of the question about prolongation of the theater season in the summer. I think this will be important both for theatres and for residents of the Moscow region, which yearned in isolation for favorite actors, in communication,” – said the Minister.

help “MK”. Yang Weinberg studied at the faculty of film at Boston University. She has directed several films and documentaries, is the author of Museum exhibition and large-scale projects, including the Museum of Boris Yeltsin, at the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre. He is the author of multimedia installations for Google, which is installed in the foyer of the company’s offices in San Francisco, new York and London, he owns a media project for Zaryadye Park. A team of Vizinberg responsible for the content for 4D attraction “Flying over Moscow”, which simulates a helicopter flight over the main attractions of the capital.