Mary Broder (94) wears put her snow white hair to a state of the art hair bun high. The preppy lady seated shortly after 8 o’clock in the morning at the Breakfast table in your home, in the Zurich care center, Embrach, in front of you on the table, the confiscation of bread and Kafi.

“I hope that your hairstyle suits you today, dear wife Broder,” says nurse Bettina Beerli (32), leans to the former service and keeps loving their Hand. Wearing Bettina Beerli not the blue nursing uniform, it would be a scene between a loving granddaughter and a grateful grandmother.

But Bettina Beerli, the granddaughter of Mary Broder and your seat neighbors, the Diabetes sufferer Bruno Lienhard (82). Nevertheless, the mother of two small children is this Tuesday morning in August the main reference person for the residents of the dementia and nursing station.

“pregnant?”, ask another resident and shows confused on the flat belly, Bettina Beerli. “No, no, we have behind us,” says this. The daughter, Beerlis second child, is now eight months old and Beerli for well over a quarter of a year, back on your Station. “I know my residents and me. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for me as a Nurse to know about their biographies know,” says Beerli. Good care is about temporary staff is almost impossible.

Low esteem and a lot of responsibility

And yet the fluctuation is a big industry problem. “When I tell people of my profession, I often hear: What? You work sick with dementia? I could never do that,” says Bettina Beerli disappointed. “Such statements do not degree of great deal of appreciation. I like going to work, but not because I sacrifice myself.”

this Morning is part of their work – after the Wake, a blood draw and out of bed can help – also a strict Hand.

Because Bettina must be careful not to Beerli, Bruno Lienhard eats too much Sweet and to the commencement of the way in his room, sometimes on foot, and not only in a wheelchair. Defiantly the retired, struck by a laborer in his bread, and says, with a view to Bettina Beerli: “I only get Light-jams, it is strictly up to me.”

hair braiding, holding hands, listening To all of this, the care center, Embrach of health insurance can be used to calculate any specific performance. A Patient has the doctor arranged plan level 7 – so would need comprehensive assistance with mobility – have to Bettina Beerli documented during the observation phase, each step of this “assistance”.

And the sounds and then heavily abbreviated in this way: “care person cuts the best device in bite-sized pieces. Since residents do not eat independently, gives him the care of the person the pieces individually in the Hand and provides verbal instructions to the mouth. BW has shaky hands and spilled liquids. Breakfast is prepared by the caregiver, resident selects it.”

the nursing staff is calling for more decision-making kompetezen

Bettina Beerli decide for themselves whether Maria needs Broder help with eating. However, by the doctor’s signature, it is an ordered measure. Your Boss Marlies Petrig (53), Executive Board member of KZU centre of competence in nursing and health, complains that “It is ridiculous. The nursing staff does all the work, bear the responsibility. But for the Nod of one’s own decision-you need a doctor!”

The eye height between Doctors and qualified nursing staff voice “on the law, not level at all,” said Petrig. You feel yourself of the rules “is often restricted”, although in everyday life, both groups work constructively together. Petrig: “So can’t go any further, I have now great difficulty to keep good people.”

women such as Bettina Beerli is Petrig therefore, more than glad: The young mother returned to the six-month-old baby rest in your leadership role – in part-time, and with even more responsibility.

85 percent of the Caregivers are women. An in-house nursery to help so much to improve your employees the reconciliation of career and family, says Petrig. Nevertheless, the hurdles for new staff were still too high. “We urgently need new solutions for career changers. I’m losing good people, because they can’t afford, for example, the cost of living while studying.”

“Nobody wants to be washed, all want care,”

It is now just after 10 PM, for a good three hours, Bettina is Beerli on the Station. Everything is quiet, she sits down to the office. Forms are waiting for proper management. The door remains open, as well as your ears.

There is a lot of paper was already working, says Bettina Beerli, the occupational, he completed the Master’s degree in nursing. “At first glance, you might think that I spend too much time on the Computer. But only when I write my activities down, they will be shown on an invoice. In addition, I must protect myself legally. We have so much Power over the residents. And when I was restricting, for example, its autonomy, I need to justify that.”

In the care center, Embrach is built to protect the Dementia ward, so-called, “runaway”, so that the residents are not able to run. Every six months, the nursing degree will be evaluated for each individual new.

Without it, would break the Swiss health care system together. However, the Swiss nursing staff is unhappy. Therefore, the professional Association of nurses and Care professionals (SBK) has launched the people’s initiative “For a strong care”.

it calls for in the core, three things: a guarantee that there is sufficient nursing staff is trained, that the quality of care is assured and that the high turnover in the health care profession is stopped.

measures are, among other things, the increase in the Ausbildungslohns, a maximum number of patients per nurse and the financing of care performance according to the actual maintenance. The Initiative also stipulates that care professionals provide in-house services and access them directly from the health insurance company must settle.

the Federal Council rejects care initiative without a counter-proposal

The Federal Council, the care initiative has recommended without a counter-proposal to rejection. He wants to give no one professional group has a special status in the Constitution. The need for action, he looks anyway. Social Affairs Minister Alain Berset (47) should, together with the Department of Economic Affairs concrete measures to improve the Situation of nurses.

Now the Ball is in the Parliament. Health politicians of the SP, CVP and FDP, show themselves to be open to an indirect counter-proposal at the legislative level. (vfc)

hair tie, holding hands, or know how the life of Mary Broder looked like and whether she has grandchildren: For all of these aspects of their work, there is no form. “It is, unfortunately: no one wants to be washed all the care want. But no one paid us according to the actual effort,” she complains.

“people with dementia lose yourself”

a delusion Added to this is profound pressure on every Individual. “We as nurses have a great responsibility. But if I have to serve as a Qualified alone 60 residents, I only delete on the Fire.” Beerli emphasized, however, that this is in the care center, Embrach, in contrast to other institutions.

The care center, Embrach is seen as exemplary, a per residents more staff, as the Canton of Zurich requires. However, for private, for-profit institutions are often less. The care initiative calls for a mandatory value and the Switzerland.

this Morning, it is quiet on the Station. A resident knits by the window, tears running over her cheek. In the night she had screamed. Yes, the nights with Mrs P. to be a challenge, it is hot in the daily meeting with the ward doctor, the so-called “Triage”, then. “Mrs P. shows verbal Aggression. Can we optimize anything?”, Beerli asks there. Later, Mrs P. be prescribed new furniture, a special Rufmöglichkeit and a customized medication.

“people with dementia lose. We can help you, that you, as a human,” says Bettina Beerli. “And for this we need time. Expertise and passion we have.”