Better not to think Uncovered the perfect clothes against coronavirus

MOSCOW, April 14/ Radio Sputnik. Microbiologists and experts on fabrics in conversation with “Izvestia” called fabric properties that best protect against coronavirus.

So, according to the head of the Department of decorative art and art textiles of the Russian state University. A. N. Kosygin Irina Ribouleau, the higher the density of the material, the lower its porosity and this, in turn, allows the tissue to better hold viral particles.

according to the portal “Business Online”, Rubolino said to “hold” the virus on the surface of the material, can affect the texture of the material, i.e. the degree of roughness and heterogeneity. Such fabrics include terrycloth, velvet, faux suede, corduroy and plush.

Previously, scientists also said that the coronavirus can survive on copper up to four hours on plastic and stainless steel – up to three days. Thus, virus particles can settle on the zips and buttons. Experts propose to give up clothes with these elements or treat them with an antiseptic, the same is true of jewelry.

According to the latest data, in Russia, 102 identified 21 cases of infection with coronavirus, of which 1 694 person recovered, is still 170 – died. The largest number of infected in Moscow – 13 002 case.

Earlier radio Sputnik said, what advice was given by the doctor to protect from the new type of virus after street.

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