the fifth season of The Netflix hit series, “Better Call Saul”, the link to “Breaking Bad,” almost forgot.

As the story

At the end of the fourth season, the since-suspended lawyer Jimmy McGill decides, in his stage name Saul Goodman, rename and start new. That also new problems, is almost self-evident. Goodman starts his own firm with a marketing offensive, in which he attracts many small-time criminals. Initially, only administrative violations and cavalier offences is concerned, he remains his rules faithfully. Kim is feeling more and more unease about Saul’s unfair methods and distancing itself noticeably from him.

And then there’s the Story of the drug cartel: As Lalo Salamanca Wind of Gus fring’s drug lab has, I would like to get him out of the way. Ignacio stands between the fronts and asks no other than Saul Goodman to help.

What is in the fifth season new?

The lawyer issues to be dealt with in this season hardly. The law firm “Hamlin, Hamlin, McGill” is not as good as even more. Seems that would have been completed, since the series of Chuck McGill,. The drug war between the Salamanca family, and Gus Fring comes more to the fore. The Story is networking is slow and the Transition to “Breaking Bad” is taking shape. Thus, two well-known “Breaking Bad” – sizes are for the first time to see. Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez start your investigation, to have to do in the Beginning, in the Belief it with a couple of small-time criminals.

Even the brief flashback sequences at the beginning of some episodes, on Saul Goodman in the present life, occur less frequently. As a result, the series creates a slightly different character, to remain a typical Vince-Gilligan-work.

Who are the main actors?

the role


James Morgan/Saul Goodman

Bob Odenkirk (born. 22.10.1962)

Michael Ehrmantraut “Mike”

Jonathan Banks (born. 31.01.1947)

Kimberly Wexler “Kim”

Rhea seahorn (born. 12.05.1972)

Howard Hamlin

Patrick Fabian (geb. 07. 12.1964)

Ignacio Vargas “Nacho”

Michael Mando (born in. 13.07.1981)

Lalo Salamanca

Tony Dalton (born. 13.02.1975)

Gustavo Fring

Giancarlo Esposito (26.04.1958)

General info

production country

United States

first broadcast


the Genre

Comedy, crime, Drama


English, German, French, Italian


English, German, French, Italian

number of seasons


5. Season – 23. February 2020

number of episodes


episode length

between 42 and 56 minutes

age rating



The 5 means. Season is so exciting, like no other before. A little monotonous lawyer sequences is attributable, for the most part and in the history of the events to roll over slowly. With the approaching end of the series voltage is built up, as it runs to the beginning of the “Breaking Bad” also. In the case of one or the other character, the output is still not in sight, which makes for added entertainment value. It remains only to hope that the sixth season, leads this voltage is continued, and thus the series with a Grand final to be adopted.

Will there be a sequel?

the fact that the series is associated as a history of “Breaking Bad”, is a recipe for the end already. A sixth season was announced by the creators as the series finale. The content of the sequel to nothing is yet known.