Pursuing a career in stand-up comedy can be a steep path. Comedians have to have extremely thick skin and tons of resilience to make it in this business. Many have spent decades performing in smaller venues to begin making a name for themselves.

It takes time to build up a resume of performances and to get higher-paying jobs. Many people and businesses hire local comedians for their parties and events. So if you are unsure if you can make some side money from local gigs, you definitely can. It is a matter of marketing yourself appropriately and building up word of mouth referrals.

Hiring the funniest comedians, like Brad Gage, for example, can really elevate your event. He is hilarious, has been featured on many television shows, and is unbelievable live. If you want to try your hand at stand-up comedy, you might want to incorporate some of these funniest topics that are sure to keep your audience laughing.


Growing up is hard to do! If your parents were weird or unusually strict, you might have struck comedy gold. Embarrassing things that happened to you with your parents is something that most everyone can relate to, and most have had funny experiences themselves. Think of certain events; they could revolve around school, interactions with your friends, or other embarrassing family members.

Extended Family

Everyone loves to hear stories of dysfunctional extended family members. Maybe it’s your wacky aunt or crazy cousins. You can tell tons of different accounts of their indiscretions and odd behavior that had you cringing when they would come to visit.


Making disparaging comments and telling stories about your different jobs is something everyone finds funny. We’ve all had that one boss that was a total idiot and love to hear stories of other people’s bosses. Coworkers are on the table as well. You could spend a whole comedy set talking about different coworkers’ quirks and behaviors. And definitely tell lunch and breakroom stories. Like the one about the coworker who goes through and eats other people’s lunches and snacks.


If you are a serial dater, you have material that can take you through your whole career. People who meet people on Tinder and other online sites usually have tons of weird stories. Many comedians spend their entire performance talking about their failed love connections.


Student life, especially in college years, provides decades of material. Many people love to hear nerd stories where you just couldn’t fit in with the popular kids. And they also love to hear about a funny relationship or failed dating attempts in school. The more embarrassing the experience was for you, the more entertaining people will think it is.


Writing comedy takes dedication. There is a process that many comedians follow when they are planning their sets. You can look for inspiration for your material everywhere every day. Many people carry a journal around with them or use an app on their phone to take quick notes, so when a thought strikes them, they immediately save it. You never know what thought you might build a performance around.