The VW Golf, the most successful European car of all time, yesterday celebrated officially its 45. Birthday. 29. March 1974 delivery at the VW plant in Wolfsburg, the production of the bestseller. On that day, no one suspected case of Volkswagen, that the successor to the legendary beetle would come to more than 35 million produced copies, and seven model generations. Since the start of production, 45 years ago, a calculator was ordered on each day, every 41 seconds without interruption somewhere in the world, a new Golf – in the average of about 780’000 of vehicles per year.

From 50 to 310 HP

The VW Golf I came in as Two – and four-door with tailgate (today one speaks of Three – and five-door) and 300 liters of trunk volume to the world. There was the Compact initially than 140 km/h fast 1.1-litre Version with 50 HP and 1.6 liters of displacement, 70 HP and a peak of 160 km/h. as an Alternative to the Four-speed gearshift, there was a Three-speed automatic. Today, the most powerful Golf R Version puts out up to 310 HP, which are delivered by a Seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to all four wheels.

41-year-long-the number one

in Switzerland, the Golf was for a long time the measure of all Auto-things: for 41 years, the Compact led the sales statistics before 2017, the Skoda Octavia pushed from the throne. Last year, the Czechs combination was again the best-selling car in Switzerland. And in the autumn, VW is officially the eighth Generation of the Golf – it could be against the Background of the increasing growth in electric competition the last.