one of the mysteries associated coronavirus pandemic, will be less: we learn at last what it for an animal such – “self-isolation”. This term is not spelled out until now, neither in legislation, nor even in the bylaws. But rejoice, citizens: soon the gap will be filled. “The Council of the Federation to give a legal definition of the concept of self-isolation, to provide a procedure for establishing such a regime and the scope of authority of regions in this sphere”, – says the good news Agency “RIA Novosti”.

Although, well, how soon? “The initiative is contained in the proposals of the Committee of the upper house on constitutional law, – it is specified in the same message. – The authors want to make it to the list of activities for improving the law “in connection with the implementation of measures aimed at the functioning of the economy and the social sphere in new conditions”.

the First emotion that arises when reading this news, a feeling of injustice. Against the Estonians. Jokes about their slowness innumerable, and these stories, as is now evident, completely undeserved. Much more on the role of heroes jokes appropriate fit domestic “servants of the people”.

it’s been over three months since the arrival of the coronavirus in Russia and more than two since the beginning of the widespread introduction of the “regime of compulsory isolation”. Some places even have started out of it. Many thousands of Russians fined for the violation, and our Parliament is now preoccupied with determining what exactly they were punished.

note: fines are issued generally on the basis of article 20.6.1. Of the administrative code (“violation of the rules of conduct in emergency situations or the threat of its occurrence”), added code 1 APR. But there is no “isolation” there is no trace. We are talking about a “failure to comply with the rules of conduct with the introduction of high alert mode”.

it is Assumed that these are “Rules of conduct, obligatory for execution by citizens and organizations, the introduction of high alert or emergency situations”, approved by the government on 2 April. But they only require citizens to comply with the orders and requirements of the authorised officials. Without any elaboration.

the Difficulty of parliamentarians in part can understand. “Mandatory withdrawal” is a typical oxymoron the combination of contradictory concepts. How to include in the law? It’s obvious that self-isolation can only be voluntary. When man himself for whatever reason, dooms itself to isolation.

the isolation was, for example, Howard Hughes is an American entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and producer, which filmed the famous movie “the Aviator” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Weird billionaire suffered from mysophobia, ��avastui fear of infection. By the end of his life, his disease worsened to such an extent that he completely refused contact with the outside world.

Sometimes the self-isolation suit for the entire country. But, according to the President, it is certainly not our way. “If we semcams and we like cucumbers in a barrel to pickle themselves, nothing good will come of it, – said Vladimir Putin, speaking two years in the Duma. We should not engage in self-isolation in any case.”

the Term I have to correct at least in order not to refer to the President: he, like, against self-isolation! By the way, in the medical sense of the term he began to use not the beginning of the crisis. In the first decisions of the CPS on the topic of coronavirus has been said about “isolation in the home”. But then, it looks like someone “up there” thought with the prefix “self” sounds more politically correct.

whatever it was, it is clear that the main problem here is not in finding an adequate replacement. “Home quarantine”, for example, would be no worse. But then what is? Can be in the excessive workload of lawmakers? Maybe they are so absorbed in the fight against the epidemic, the fall of the economy, care for distressed people, that prior to the legalization of self-isolation is simply not enough time?

Alas, incorrect this assumption. See, for example, what bills were introduced to the Duma this week.

may 20 – “On amendments to article 4 of the Federal law “About measures of impact (reaction) to the unfriendly actions of the United States of America and other foreign countries.” May 19 – “On amendments to articles 6 and 25 of the Federal law “About the status of a member of the Council of Federation and status of Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation”. May 18 – “On amendments to article 39 of the Federal law “On the State Corporation for outer space activities “Roscosmos”.

“And such crap all day.” In short, there is still the “servants” and gunpowder, and strength, and resources free time. You can if you want.

There is, however, another explanation of the slowness of the authorities in this matter. And if it is true, to wait for a legislative definition of self-isolation we will have a very long time. If you do wait. The law in fact – a double-edged sword. One – “for the master, the other by man.” But “gentleman” can be painful. In a legal vacuum officials breathe much easier than in the atmosphere of a true “dictatorship of law”.

If there was a detailed procedure to establish the “regime of isolation”, if there were clearly defined limits of authority officials, and they criticized me for lawlessness. And then – do what your heart desires. Though the curfew input, at least fines for the access to the balcony (real case, by the way). The rules are simple: head, first, always right. If not right – see point 1.