More than two and a half years after the murder of the environmental activist Berta Cáceres has been found, a court in Honduras seven men guilty. An eighth Suspect, the judges acquitted on Thursday.

The court saw it as proven that Elvin Rapalo, Henry Hernandez, Edilson Duarte and Oscar Galeas committed the murder of the activist, Cáceres. They had been found in March 2016 to be shot in their house in La Esperanza, the Mexican environmental activist Gustavo Castro survived injured in the attack. The offenders up to 30 years in prison, the sentence to the 10. January will be announced.

convictions for minor charges in the case of Cáceres were given to an army officer, an Ex-soldier and a Manager for the construction of the water power plant in Agua Zarca, against the environmental activist had fought. The alleged instigator of the deed, Roberto David Castillo Mejia, still sits in custody. He was Executive President of the company Desa, who was in charge of the dam project.

lawyer Victor Fernández highlighted the importance of the justification of the verdict. The court made it clear that it was proven that the management of the company have given the murder in order, and paid, to break the resistance against the power plant. This was the Prosecutor’s office in may 2016. You must now finally take action.

Cáceres 2015 had been for her commitment to the indigenous Lenca people group and their fight against the hydroelectric power plant with the prestigious Goldman environmental prize. Her murder caused international consternation. Honduras’ government was therefore under great pressure to solve the crime.