the last Time the national team trained yesterday in Wetzikon, in Switzerland, before flying to Vienna by Car to the world championship location Bratislava departs.

the Kids in the Zurich Oberland each gift is sought after. So Reto Berra (32) can’t stand the Begging to an old floor. And because he has accidentally promised to two Fans, he asks a colleague Leonardo Genoni (31) whether he could give.
once Again, the path of the two crosses. “They are a Team,” says Coach Patrick Fischer on the silver-Duo from Copenhagen. “They know each other well and help each other.”

Ten, eleven years old they were, when they met for the first Time. “That was in the Piccolo at a tournament in Ambri,” recalled Berra. “Leo has it all. It looked very funny.”

“Reto was about three heads taller”

And for the past 18 years, they are competitors. “Reto was about three heads taller than I,” said Genoni (now 1,80 m), Berra (1.94 m). The Goalies fought at the ZSC-novices to a place as number 2 behind Stefan Grauwiler. Genoni made the race and was sitting for a season on the bench, while Berra is a level got lower a lot of game practice, the difference is reminiscent of the end of the SCB and future train Goalie. A lost year. “It ZH was my biggest mistake,” the man from Kilchberg.

Together Genoni and Berra were juniors later master with the Lions. “We had actually always very good to each other. We have instigated always. So we climbed together the various steps,” said Genoni.

Berra remembers how he played in Genoni with his brothers for hours and hours on the game console football. “Leo came then, only briefly, to go along with it. However, even though we had a lot more Practice, he won.”

2015 broke Hanlon promise to Genoni

Soon both of them came with the GCK Lions in the NLB to the train, Berra is also the ZSC in the NLA, as the legendary Ari Sulander was injured. At the same time 2007 the Duo moved to Davos, but without knowing who would be the Goalie Partner. In the second season, they were Champions. Arno Del Curto started in the Playoff Final in the meantime with success in Berra, in the game 7 in the Kloten but again on Genoni.

Otherwise, it went to the world Cup four years ago in Prague. National team Coach Glen Hanlon promised final Genoni after a strong tournament, the use in the district, but then changed his mind and sat against the United States on the former NHL Keeper.

Berra twice a substitute in the world Cup Final

The fate of a Goalies: If there is one, can only play one. “When one is young, one has perhaps a bit more of an effort to not cope with it, if you play with,” says Fribourg Goalie Berra. However, the Bülacher stresses: “It walked with us mostly quite good. It was not so, that would be the Other constantly in front of the nose stood.”

national Coach Fischer is, like, a year ago, the silver-Coup of Copenhagen, both at the world Cup. But when it comes to everything, he should, once again, the five-time champion Goalie Genoni prefer its eternal competitor, Berra, who was now already twice (in 2013, behind Martin Gerber) in a world Cup Final against Sweden, the number 2,.