the Changing needs of customers in the digital shopping world to put the traditional goods trade fairs. Who wants to buy a coffee maker or a vacuum cleaner, not any more a trade fair, to compare models and prices and buy. All of this can be easy from home online.

The BEA and the St. Gallen’s Olma are the last great products of Switzerland and who hold still to measure, especially thanks to its proximity to agriculture and to the rural population.

A visit to the BEA for many in the country in the annual calendar. Accordingly, the BEA trade fair management since decades, the combination of Tradition and Innovation, city and country.

an Indispensable part of the Berne fair is the animals and the “Green center has always been”. The magnificent cows, horses and small animals, flowers and vegetable decorations and food from the Region are always magnets to the audience.

the 300’000 visitors came to the BEA counted in the last few years. And these customers want to consume only traditional Goods, but something to experience.

This Dimension tries to BEA with experience will be offered to promote Product presentations and interactivity. Sporty the visit to the Fair can operate in the area of BEActive. In the experimental laboratory is operated the promotion of young talent in technology and science.

Already on the opening morning, many children and young people, crowded in the test lab, to deal playfully with technical Tricks. Boys and girls were able to carry out under the guidance of simple chemical experiments, soldering, screws, small devices and Computer program or with the help of a special pair of glasses in the virtual world move.

education is one of the key areas on which the BEA Bern Expo is to raise its profile, such as BEA Bern-Expo-Boss Jennifer Somm, the “Berner Zeitung” said. The fair company held in Berne, not only BEA, but further trade fairs and Events. In Bern also the professional Championships Swiss skills.

another attraction to the BEA, the entertainment in the evening. By Schwyzerörgeli-Quartett on DJs up to the Tina Turner Tribute Band is on stage. On the grounds of the BEA, the according to the organizers, the biggest Ferris wheel in Switzerland and other fairground attractions this year.

And, Yes, the policy is represented on the BEA: In a Federal election year, many parties of all Stripes have built stands. “With me you have the salad,” promises about a SVP candidate on his electoral poster of the exhibition visitors. It remains to be seen how many want to convince.