According to the climate protest in front of the climate protest. Hardly the demonstrations on Friday, the students go to the next big rallies.

Were organized the strikes so far, locally, want to combine the movement of their Protest now national.

The point is, however, tricky. To the Bern municipal Council – the Executive branch of the Federal city, has adopted for the beginning of October, a ban of election and large rallies. Justification: In the hottest Phase of the election campaign should be fomented “no emotions”. Unforgotten are the pictures from the year 2007, when left-wing radicals had attacked an authorised rally of the SVP. The images went around the world.

Only, of all things, of Bern, with its green city President Alec von graffenried (56) to prohibit the climate youth a Demo? A scenario that would avoid the city, apparently.

Hard constraints for the operators

safety Director Reto Nause (47, CVP) says, the climate rally was a “special case”. More still: “We have asked the organizers a permit.”

Why the exception? “For us, it is primarily important that before the elections in the Federal space, no choice, and party rallies to take place. As such, we do not consider the climate change demo.” The organizers, however, are made for hard pads. Such as party flags, according to Nause prohibited.

In the application, write the organizers, they are expecting 2000 to 3000 Participants. Given the popularity of the movement, the number of protesters is likely to exceed this estimate significantly.

money worries in the climate-strike-group

Still, the rally from October is in the distant future. And the climate students face different challenges. Excerpts from an internal Chat of the air strike group, Zurich show: The movement plagues the worries of money.

“people, we have financial problems,” writes an Administrator of the Chat group. At the Moment it looks, therefore, that the national climate strike-Organisation will go out to April, the money. Because all the work cost: posters, adhesive, permits and audio equipment.

The Administrator tries to calm down in the same Chat: “do Not be afraid, this is not to say that we will go broke.” You’ll need the help of every Individual. “Power of friends, relatives and Acquaintances to our donation account.” Well possible that the call for donations after the peaceful and successful protests of last Friday, many more will follow.