Berlin restrict tenders for the purchase of arms for German firms

Angela Merkel’s Government will limit the tenders for the purchase of weapons systems for German companies — protectionist measure of the Chancellor of Germany, which previously strongly opposed such barriers, reports Reuters.

Until now the government restricted tenders for submarines for the German defense companies. Advanced strategy is partly designed to enhance the competitiveness of local defence sector.

the Draft stipulates that, if the German defence contractors do not meet the requirements of the German armed forces, will be announced tenders for competitors from the EU.

“We want to strengthen and support the development of key defence capabilities, which are of strategic importance both in Germany and in the European Union”, — said the Minister of economy of Germany Peter Altmaier.

Under pressure from US President Donald trump Germany plans to achieve a level of defense spending, negotiated a military Alliance, NATO, by 2031, the goal in 2024 will not be achieved.

NATO Leaders in 2014 have agreed to increase defense spending by 2024, 2% of the GDP of their countries.

Only seven members of the Alliance currently reach or exceed this goal in the United States, great Britain, Greece, Poland and the three Baltic States — Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

the German army is going to announce a tender for two tankers, which under the new rules will be built by German shipyards.