“of Course, it is important for people to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Günther on Saturday the German press Agency. “Policy but does not have to be careful not to raise hopes which cannot be fulfilled at the end.” In the coming weeks would be available Numbers, from which the read could be whether the measures taken so far have achieved effect. “On this basis, we will have to assess the way in which these measures on the 19. April continued to be. Therefore, it is now premature to talk about easing.“ Schleswig-Holstein supports the course of the Chancellery chief Helge Braun. This stressed that it is in front of the 20. April no loosening of the restrictions in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, will give. “We’re talking now up to 20. April not have any facilities. Until then, all measures remain in place,” said the CDU politician of the “daily mirror”. If in the next few days, the success of the measures to be quantitatively measured, and you know have slowed down, “we the infection increase, then we will on this basis before the 20. April a strategy for the time after that work out“. The primary goal was not to overwhelm the health care system.