Only a short time before the Great prize of the Republic of Azerbaijan had been because of the Coronavirus pandemic cancelled. Overall, the first eight of the planned 22 races of the season from fall already. Which of these are when made up, is open. Monaco refused already on a possible new date. The Details of the calendar Carey is not called.

“at The Moment no one can say for sure when the Situation will improve. If she does, we will be ready to race again,” said the American: “We are determined to offer our Fans a world championship season in 2020.”

The global spread of the Virus Sars-CoV-2, the formula 1 maker, and organizer already the races in Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Zandvoort, Barcelona, Monaco and, finally, Azerbaijan, on 7. June was supposed to be held, cancel. The earliest start to the season could be the 14. June with the race in Montreal, Canada be, if it remains in the Grand Prix to this date.

dangers of break, which was brought forward in March and April to be in the actual summer. Carey also expects that the final will be held after the last weekend of November, on the actually the last season Dhabi race is in Abu in the previous calendar. The race data would change the overall time significantly.