The players of Schalke 04 follow in the home on a regular schedule, the training program of the club, while on a videocall with one another in a relationship. The Bundesliga club’s Benito Raman on Saturday will be announced. For the sake of the coronacrisis may be a normal change in the country is currently being considered.

“For us as a ploegsporters, it is of utmost importance, as a team, interacting with each other, even when we are not in the same place,” says coach David Wagner of the clubwebsite. The trainers at the videocalls instructions for the exercises.

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“of Course, we want to be as quick as possible to appeal to re-exercise it in our workplace: the lawn,” said Wagner. “At the moment, we look at different ways to work out, which is possible under the current measures.”

The Club is located in the coronacrisis is definitely on hold until the 30th of april.