Benefits deferred and tax breaks as will protect the business during coronavirus

the Restrictive measures seriously affect the operation of the business. Moscow is ready to help entrepreneurs, had developed a support system — have already adopted three packages of measures. Tax incentives, exemption from the rent or reimbursement of costs: what else can expect of the business in the material

on March 24, Moscow authorities have approved the first package of business support measures. So, until December 31, extended the period of paying the merchant fees for the first quarter of 2020. This also extended the deadline for payment of advance payments for the first quarter of 2020 for the property tax and land tax for organizations working in the sphere of public catering, tourism, culture, sport, leisure and hospitality industries. It companies engaged in these industries, most affected in this situation.

Organizations that lease land and property from the city and have suspended their activities on time limits, are exempt from the rent for this period. This applies to organizations engaged in the sphere of culture, sport, exhibition, entertainment, educational and socio-educational activities.

the Owners of trade outlets in the subway will be paying 50 percent less on the contracts for the exercise of commercial activities. This measure is valid for the duration of the restrictions. In addition, tenants of land plots and objects of the Moscow metro can apply for a deferment on the rent.

on 31 March the Moscow Government adopted a second package of measures to support the business.

Deferral of property tax and land tax was extended to companies engaged in the sale, granting of household services, as well as enterprises in the sphere of public catering.

From the rents of urban land and real estate is additionally freed of an enterprise trade, tourism, public catering, consumer services and hotel business, which has suspended its activities. The exemption will be valid from the first day of the month of termination prior to July 1, 2020. To get this benefit, you need to contact the Department of city property.

Another measure refers to the owners of premises that lease objects of trade, public catering and consumer services. Crisis grant will be given to the owners of commercial space, which is at least twice to reduce the rental rate of their property for the entire term of the restrictions associated with the coronavirus.

the Grant is awarded in the form of compensation the amount of property taxes and land payments for the second quarter and is intended for owners of real estate which is used as a shopping, commercial areas and hotels. Thus, the city has developed a unique, easy to��probability measure of support – compensation of the owner of half of the shortfall of payments.

in order to receive a grant, the owner needs to reduce its tenants rents in the second quarter to double the amount of compensation, but not less than 50 percent of the original rental rates.

in addition, the third support package of a similar tool was developed for those owners of commercial property who are not renting space to rent and use on their own. In this case, the city compensates 50 percent of the property tax and land payments for the entire period of suspension of work of the enterprise.

in addition, recipients of grants extended until 31 December 2020, the date of payment of advance payments for the second quarter of 2020 for the property tax and land tax.

Support for residents and small and medium enterprises in the sphere of hotel business

the Second package of support also involves assistance to the residents of Moscow innovation cluster employed in the it field, industry and science, as well as small and medium enterprises in the hospitality industry. The subjects of small and average business have the right to subsidies for reimbursement of the following costs. When purchasing equipment for your company account can receive compensation of up to 25 percent of the cost of foreign equipment and up to 35 percent of the cost of the Russian. If entrepreneurs take the loan, they will be able to compensate for the interest rate (within the key rate of the Central Bank), and with credit for the purchase of domestic equipment, the interest rate increases by five percent. When working with a leasing businesses will return up to 25 percent of the lease payments with the purchase of imported equipment and up to 35 percent when buying domestic.

Entrepreneurs can receive one or more compensation, but the compensation will not exceed 10 million rubles a year.

In the second package of measures much attention is paid to the support of the capital exporters. Representatives of small and medium business will cover costs for export of the results of intellectual labour, as well as the design and interface in the it field, preparation of technical tender, tender documents and license agreements, duplication of audiovisual products and other operations which are necessary for the release of the goods or services to the international market.

in addition, it established a grant in the amount of 10 percent of the execution of an export contract. The grant may not exceed 10 million rubles, or 50 percent of the amount of taxes paid to the city budget. In fact, this export cashback. Its size will depend on the revenue that will be received by the company through the sale of their goods abroad.

Planning, this year the volume of export support will grow almost 2.5 times when compared with last year — from 70 to 200 million rubles. This will allow you to meet more of business applications, including applications for new types of subsidies.

Moscow exporters will be able, as before, to compensate for the cost of transporting its products abroad, the security documents, the certification of quality management systems and conformity assessment of goods to foreign requirements. The amount of payments for individual measures of financial assistance could rise to three million rubles.

Subsidies for exports will be able to get the small and medium business, registered capital is not less than six months prior to filing.

In the second package of measures expanded the list of recipients of subsidies for the engineering. Now it is available to participants of the Moscow innovation cluster that have registered as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur of no less than a year before the filing of the application. Previously this period was three years.

the Grant will cover up to 50 percent of the cost of preparing design documentation and prototypes, as well as to purchase equipment. The compensation cannot be more than 50 million rubles. The equipment should be installed and operated in Moscow.

When considering applications preference will be given to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

In the second package of measures they say also about the support of entrepreneurs who carry out entrepreneurial activities under contracts of commercial concession and sub-concession. Subsidies will be allocated for reimbursement of expenses for the acquisition of equipment, utilities, services, payments to the franchisor franchise fees and royalties, as well as compensation of interest on loans and lease payments.

the amount of compensation under one contract of commercial concession (sub-concession) will not exceed one million rubles.

Support of subjects of small and medium businesses — manufacturers of goods, works and services

First introduced subsidies for small and medium businesses — manufacturers of own goods, works and services to promote their shopping on the Internet sites and services online services food delivery. Can reimburse up to 50 percent of the fee, but not more than 700 thousand rubles to the end of this year.

Payments are possible, provided that the remuneration of aggregators does not exceed 20 percent of the cost of goods or services.

the Company, which is not more than three years and which operate in priority sectors, can count on preferential loans at eight percent per annum on the working capital or investment purposes. Size Creditoin, which is a privilege — from 500 thousand to 15 million rubles.

For informing entrepreneurs about the possibilities of obtaining 12 types of subsidies from the city budget is open a single support line. She will work from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. Telephone number call centre: +7 (499) 961-01-20. Consultants will be available to answer questions about taken by the Government of Moscow measures for the support of small and medium businesses. In addition, experts will explain the procedure for applying for grants.

Detailed information on existing measures of financial support of small and medium business can also be obtained in a special section on the portal “Moscow entrepreneur”.

the business was able not only to adapt but also develop further on the website launched a special information project “Coronavirus: important for business.”

Here you can learn about all existing and launch support actions, to quickly get the qualified consultation of experts, listen to webinars crisis and beyond.

the Third package includes several measures that complement and extend the first and second packages. So, until 31 December 2020 introduces the delay of payment of advance payments for the first quarter of 2020 tax property tax and land tax. This benefit will receive the cinema, the organization of additional education, sanatoriums and rest homes, organizers of exhibitions and conferences — a total of about 300 organizations.

in addition, the third package of measures to support the capital’s business for the assistance in the lending business. Regardless of the type of activities small and medium businesses will receive subsidies from the city budget to pay interest rates to six percent per annum on earlier loans. Under the new stabilization loans, which were taken to cover the current activities, the grant will cover the rate to eight percent per annum.

Landlords, who rent their facilities for accommodation, will receive compensation of property tax and land payments for the second quarter of 2020, if lower rental rate not less than 50 percent. According to experts, this measure will help about 1.4 thousands of hotels.

a 50% payment of property tax and land payments for the second quarter of 2020 will be given to the owners of real estate, which are engaged in trade, public catering, hotel business and providing services. In General, this applies to about 2.6 thousands of organizations.

Construction and development business will receive a grace period for the change to the purpose provision of land and similar payments to the city budget.

About 3.3 thousand entrepreneurs, catwho rent from city property and had entered into contracts for its purchase, also get a reprieve. Redemption payments for the second quarter will be moved to the end of 2020.

small and medium business, having the status of “social enterprise” will get support, they will allocate from the city budget subsidies in the amount of up to one million rubles. These funds will be used to purchase equipment, as well as compensation of part of expenses on payment of utilities.

social entrepreneurship can be attributed to activity of subjects of small and average business if either of the following conditions:

— the employment of workers from socially vulnerable categories (disabled, pensioners, citizens approaching retirement age, and others);

— sales of products and services produced by persons with disabilities and other workers from socially vulnerable categories;

— the production of goods (performance of works or rendering of services) for citizens from vulnerable categories, such as means of rehabilitation of the disabled, social service and other;

— the implementation of community activities (educational, cultural).

In accordance with the decision in the case of recognition of the company social enterprise it will be able to obtain one or more measures of support:

— the payment of up to 70 percent of the cost of utilities — this is the most important anti-crisis measure;

— payment of interest on the loan on the support of (development) activities and the purchase of equipment the maximum amount of compensation will amount to 5.5 percent (the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation) on loans for the support of (development) activities and the acquisition of foreign equipment, in case of purchase of domestic equipment, the maximum compensation may be increased to 10.5% (key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation plus five percentage);

— compensation of part of expenses on leasing of equipment — up to 25 percent of the lease payments in the purchase of imported and 35 per cent in the purchase of domestic equipment;

— compensation of part of expenses for acquisition of equipment and utilities at the expense of own funds when purchasing imported equipment, the maximum size of compensation up to 25 percent of the cost, with the purchase of Russian-made equipment, the amount of compensation may be raised to 35 percent.

the Company may use one or more types of support, but the total amount of the grant will not exceed one million rubles a year.

the Russian Government has developed the spread of coronavirus infection. Support is provided to business ��th including small and medium-sized, regions and citizens.

defines the list of industries most affected by the pandemic is air transport, air transport, tourism, exhibition activities, hotels, entertainment and leisure, catering, domestic services, culture and sport, non-food retail, dental services. They determined separate measures of support.

Enterprises will be allocated for the payment of wages. In addition, will be organized sofinansirovanie of wages at the minimum wage (SMIC).

Public banks will cover two-thirds of the cost of interest on new loans.

the Business will provide grants to pay salaries. This will keep labor costs to 3.3 million employees. The main condition for receiving the grant, the company must maintain in the state of not less than 90 per cent of the workers. Payments start from may 18, you can apply online.

Entrepreneurs are the most affected by the coronavirus industries, will receive a delay of six months for all taxes, excluding VAT. This will affect the 526 enterprises and 3.3 million people. Deferred payments will be repaid from 1 October 2020 1 October 2021.

Also provides a six-month delay on insurance premiums. This will apply to 3.3 million people.

For other entrepreneurs withwill nizat from 30 to 15 per cent of insurance premiums in the amount of salary, which exceeds the minimum wage. This benefit will affect more than 20 million people.

Representatives of small and medium businesses easier access to preferential loans at 8.5 percent per annum. At the time of filing will not be considered debts on taxes and wages. Loans will be available to microenterprises engaged in trade. Will be able to refinance the loans for working capital and investment ideas.

the decision, which will not be charged a penalty in case of delay in microloans. Borrower requirements are simpler: does not include taxes, fees, and salaries. State entities can be used to pay salaries. Interest rates on microloans reduced to the size of the key rate. In addition, be granted a deferral of principal payments for six months.

Also governs the activities of regional guarantee organizations. The guarantee portfolio will increase to 93 billion rubles, will be involved in loans secured by sureties, in the amount of 137 billion rubles. Commission on the guarantee will decrease to 0.5 percent. Also will be granted deferral for individual entrepreneurs, if their profits fell by more than 30 percent.

Small and medium business will be able to transfer the payment for the lease of state or municipal property at 2021. This measure will affect tenants 22.5 thousand objects of property.

Additional benefits are provided for the business people in the most affected industries. They are entitled to the postponement of payment of rent of commercial real estate, excluding residential premises, until October 1 from the date of introduction of modes of alert.