Fodboldmæssigt have Nicklas Bendtner has not yet made a decision. But there is another, which also is important.

the Danes have been able to follow Nicklas Bendtner through several stormy relationship with, among others, Julie Zangenberg and Caroline Fleming, but something suggesting that the player has found a new calm along with Philine Roepstorff.

He is certainly ready for the whole package with the 27-year-old model.

– I dream of the villa, the volvo and the doggie, says Nicklas Bendtner and smiles.

Right now live the couple together in Philine Roepstorffs apartment, but it is the plan that as soon as possible to have a place with more space.

– We have looked after the house, in fact, ever since I signed with FCK, so in fact six-seven months now. We have found two that are interesting, but which has been sold under the nose of us. We have another in the pipeline, as I believe, we give a bid on, and as we are quite hot on, he says.

For Nicklas Bendtner is, it is a requirement that there is a gap to the next neighbor. Therefore, looking the pair mainly in the north of Zealand.

– I do not like, when you have someone too close. It makes me feel a little strange. I like that there is space, says Bendtner and are backed up by his girlfriend.

– We’ve looked at houses in the world, but we seem simply, they are too close. And because of that Nicklas is who he is, there is also a need for you that you can be yourself and relax, when you are at home, ” says Philine Roepstorff.

One thing is certain – there must be room for more than two in the future homes.

– We have talked about, that we want to have children within Philine age of 30, says Nicklas Bendtner.

– First we had talked about, that it should be, when I was finished playing football, but it came a little faster than we had anticipated. But I would like to have a real job first, so you know what’s happening and have something to relate to. The house must also be in place, and perhaps we should also be fiance, says the footballer.

Reportageserien “Bendtner & Philine”, as the pair right now is current in, can be seen on the Dplay.