It is the, Nicklas Bendtner and Philine Roepstorff. Completely and utterly without any clothes on. In a lake.

The kisses, the cuddling, and it is also a solid grip on a backside.

How to see it really småidylliske sight out of three pictures, as Philine Roepstorff has laid out the famous couple on Instagram.

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Filmed from behind you can see the player and the model go out in the wet stuff together, close together. And so splitternøgne.

Nicklas Bendtner and Philine Roepstorff have known each other in the small seven years, but has ‘only’ been a couple for a few years.

They are currently current in the own documentary series. It happens at Dplay, where you can follow their everyday life in Copenhagen. (In fact, in similarity with another turbulent personality in Danish soccer, Nicki Bille, if the series has a premiere today. Read more about it here)

Yet is it a unanswered questions about the couple’s male half continues his career as a footballer just yet, but perhaps he came to say a little too much about it here.

Here you can see the stripped Nicklas Bendtner and Philine Roepstorff. Press the arrow to the right of the image to see all the pictures: