Ben Affleck turned down the role of Batman as he was afraid

American actor Ben Affleck openly admitted his problems with alcohol. According to him, the addiction was so strong that he even turned down the role of Batman.

Alcohol problem Affleck is not a secret. Artist for many years trying to overcome addiction. Ben admitted that to cope with addiction helped him colleagues — Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr.

In The New York Times published a great article about the artist. Winner of two awards “Oscar” he said that he had a difficult childhood. As a child, he almost never saw his father sober. In addition, his family had attempted suicide, and my aunt suffered from heroin addiction.

Ben Affleck talked about his psychological problems. According to him, he refers to people with compulsive behavior, which is peculiar to a sense of underlying discomfort. Problems such individuals attempting to escape through alcohol, food, sex, shopping, and anything. The actor admitted that it creates “a vicious cycle you can’t break.”

Affleck has admitted that more than anything in life regrets the divorce with Jennifer garner. To their marriage were born three children. When the Union started, I was jamming them with alcohol.

the Man said that the shooting in the “justice League” was not easy for him because of the alcohol. In the film, Affleck played Batman, and then he offered to put a new solo Comedy about a superhero and play the main role. First, the artist agreed and even started to write a script. When he showed the sketches to one person, who said that Affleck can “drink himself to death.” After that, the actor refused to play the role that eventually went to Robert Pattinson.

winner of the “Oscar” admitted that three times went for treatment at the clinic, but each time frustrated. The critical period helped him to overcome Cooper and Downey Jr. The first also suffered from alcohol dependence, and the second drug.

the Actor spoke about his tattoo of a Phoenix that adorns his entire back. Affleck previously said she was fake and was just for the role, but in fact his skin really covers a huge bird.

Ben Affleck an 47 years. He was famous for roles in the films “Good will hunting”, “Shakespeare in Love”, “pearl Harbor”, “Daredevil”, “justice League”.