Beloved forbade other girl to communicate with her boyfriend and disgraced

Blogger from TikTok has published a recording of a phone conversation with a girl who demanded to stop to chat with her boyfriend. The lady with the nickname cirtsinaaaaaaaaaa explained that it was her beloved brother, but she did not know about their kinship and disgraced. The video has gained over 25 million views.

According to blogers other girl got a call from the phone of her brother. She complained that he saw text messages and share photos. “I know that you are close. I would really appreciate it if you just ceased to communicate with him. I am very uncomfortable with how close you are,” said mistress.

After a conversation on the prohibition of communion wearer TikTok decided to say whom it referred. The girl said that it concerns her boyfriend Steven. This blogger said that Steven is her brother. After these words the conversation between them ended.

the Video also was posted on Reddit. In the comments many were surprised by the behavior of the girl brother. Users have noted that it should consider whether to continue to stay in such a relationship, where the lover secretly reads the correspondence on his personal smartphone. “Sister helped him to avoid trouble. Friend could Dodge and get away, but her immediate rejection of further communication enhances the alarm [about the imminent end of the relationship],” — said JoshTheBear_.

Earlier, another lady TikTok participated in the challenge #KissingYourBestFriend (“Kiss my best friend”), but are faced with negative reaction of the friend who was secretly in love. His reaction she showed in a video clip.