Belousov promises business emergency loans to pay salaries

the Business will receive emergency loans to pay wages, announced first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov during the meeting of Vladimir Putin with businessmen, which was broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”. This is “this life-saving story”, but very popular, he explained.

according to the Russian edition of Forbes magazine, the credits according to Belousov, will be launched next week in a pilot mode with “Sberbank” and VTB. Interest rate subsidies in the limiting case to zero with high guarantee coverage.

the Very situation he called “painful history enough.” The fact that the small business “no collateral no now”, and the authorities understand it, said Belousov.

the Loans will be issued for a short period until six months, then the government will act according to the situation, said Belousov.

the Government will punish those who will try to capitalize on an emergency. The Federal Antimonopoly service is already mandated to investigate and take action in connection with the fact that some services raise the cost of their services.