as for The government, a ban was entered at the “quick tests” that the corona, at home, you should be able to detect. Tests are not to be trusted, ” says Sciensano. Now, therefore, punishable as well.

in the past, reports about the declining capacity for coronatesten with presumably sick of the Belgians, has increased the interest in testing is that you don’t go to a hospital. The rapid test kits that are, for example, via the internet, can be purchased, and an indication as to argue for the existence of the virus in your body.

the trend against the government’s ban on these ‘quick-tests’ was introduced. The decision was to be read in the Moniteur belge / belgisch Staatsblad. The belgian Federal Agency for Medicines & Health products (FAMHP) doesn’t allow < / I> in the making, the start-up and the use of rapid tests for the measurement or detection of the antibody.

Photos: the Belgian official Gazette
for example, is a wholesaler of personal care within 10 km from the Belgian border through the website, a kit for testing services (14,99 euros), “has a proven track record of accuracy, from 92% in the detection of the COVID-19 antibodies”. As a result, you’ll get the priktest quarter of an hour. On the merchant’s website will also be listed in what order in the week of april 6 to be sent, due to “too little demand”. It shows that the demand of the customers, which is a vingerprinkje, and a sample of your blood is a definite need to get it. The Dutch government should look and see what’s up with the supply and demand in the future.

the False results

After ten minutes, a definite answer, or you get sick, you will find that it sounds too good to be true. Rapid tests are “not to be trusted”, and let Her Vervoort, on behalf of Sciensano know about it. Sciensano the institute for public health, which is the coronapandemie as it unfolds. Fast thuistests claim to be a reference to the virus, but in the camps, often with a margin of error. Even with the standard in hospitals, with tubes in the throat and nasal passages have sometimes to be faced with a false-positive or false-negative results. The actual result can be hours and hours away. It is as simple as it is, so all of them are not.

in order To have a wide variety of fast thuisleveringen, and testing, to the blocks, this means that the Belgian ban. And with a prohibition to hear a possible penalty such as a fine. What are the penalties to be applied exactly, i.e., when the discovery of illegal testing, the european medicines agency on Tuesday had not yet released.

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