“30-ton crane equipped with a effective 400-horsepower engine, modern hydromechanical transmission, reliable brake system, hydraulic steering and tipping platform”, – noted in press service.

Trucks are economical in consumption of fuel, lubricants, and given the difficult conditions of the use of copper-zinc quarry under the Orsk also equipped with additional options, nodes, and systems that extend the functionality of the machines and improving their operational attractiveness. In particular, the cockpit BELAZ-7540К for comfortable driving equipped with air conditioning, elektrofotografie rear-view mirrors and an extra heater.

JSC “ormet” is engaged in extraction and primary processing of copper and copper-zinc ores in the two mines. One of them called “the Spring” located in Dombarovsky district, Orenburg region, ore extraction is conducted in an open way on the basis of the Spring-Aralchinskoye copper-pyrite deposits. Currently, there are already working 45-ton dump trucks and a tractor made in Belarus.