Just to the foot of the namesake peaks of the Middle Urals, located near the geographical border between Europe and Asia, EVRAZ KGOK, which is among the five largest in the Union state mining enterprises, automobile manufacturers and put another 240-ton dump trucks “BelAZ.

an Industrial giant in the Sverdlovsk region, as it is known, develops in three quarries the Deposit of titanium magnetite iron ore, containing unique traces of vanadium. It is their presence in the ore, according to experts, and allows to produce high-strength alloy steels.

as for the heavyweights of the Belarusian automobile industry, in which “optimally adjusted capacity, technical characteristics and comfort tailored to individual customer requirements. In addition, the machines feature and additional devices”, – reported in the holding company.

the Trucks have, the Agency added, expanded functionality, fuel efficiency, high manoeuvrability, smoothness and stability on the road. And advanced technical solutions embodied in “BelAZ”-75313, make it a safe and highly effective in operation, specify the constructors.

the First 240-ton car, reminds Agency, came to the plant in August last year in the framework of the investment program. Especially for movement of heavy vehicles was built here technological road width more than 20 meters, bought equipment for their maintenance, and until the end of 2019 on the line out of the first two similar Mahasaraswati. Now with two new machines the most complex production tasks in the transportation of ore in the quarry decide to have five 240-ton mining workaholic logo “BelAZ”.

As already informed “the UNION”, the Belarusian giant recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of dump trucks and equipment for the mining and construction industries. A special pride of the team uses the world’s largest dump truck with payload capacity of 450 tons.