Belarusian police station was fired after the death of a drunken detainee

As it became known “MK”, the deceased 41-year-old Alexander, a native of the city Zaslavl, worked in the Moscow region by handy (one of his professions — plumber). Early on the morning of 4 October from Belarus came the news of the sudden death of his mother, an elderly woman had a clot. Heartbroken the man left everything and went to the Belarusian railway station, intending to Board the evening train. Before boarding the train, Alexander tried to drown the grief in alcohol. Around 19.00 dead drunk man saw the cafe on the station employees patrulno-sentry duty. On my feet the citizen couldn’t stand. — man literally dragged to the line Department at the station.

the duty officer and the duty of discrimination — 34-year-old guards Andrew and Daniel — made reports about the appearance in a public place while intoxicated, and direction on medical survey. Drunken Belarusian was dragged into the chamber for the pre-detainees. He was not able to say something articulate and lay on the floor. An hour after the man was placed in a cell, he was still alive — mumbled to the attendant that sleep. Around 23.00 and inspectors from the management that conducts the inspection during the day, found the body. At home the deceased left an ex-wife and 15-year-old daughter.

Examination showed that Alexander’s blood was 4,8 ppm alcohol. This is considered a lethal dose.

police opened a criminal case under article of the criminal code “Negligence”. According to employees SK, the police had to take the detainee to purge, to determine the degree of intoxication. But to do this, as they explained to investigators of SK, it did not happen, as the car is, and the driver is not present (lack of personnel). The person on duty tried to find her in other departments, but the car was always busy.

Independently assess the condition of the detainee, the police could not — although, in principle, an extreme degree of intoxication can be determined by eye. According to the rules in this case should not have been placed in the camera and keep the duty: it was necessary to call a team of 03 and send to the hospital or another option is to call the medical team at the station.

Police officers fired for gross misconduct. In the bodies they have worked more than 10 years. In the near future, insurance investigators will bring charges in a criminal case. Although the police interpretation of events investigators do not agree and insist on further examinations.