In Belarus simultaneously swept by protests and arrests. Weekend on the streets of different cities out of thousands of people. They demanded the release of the detainee law enforcers blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, which promised to deprive President Alexander Lukashenko’s government on the Armenian script. The blogger was not the only detainee on Sunday, the same vans came for opposition politicians and activists across the country.Saturday and Sunday thousands of people in different cities took to the pickets for collection of signatures for Svetlana Tikhanovski, who decided to participate in scheduled for August 9 presidential elections. Near the Kamarouski market in Minsk, where the picket was organized, the volunteers of the human rights center “Spring” on may 31 counted 2106 people. People put a signature for MS Tikhanovski, and from time to time shouted: “Freedom! Freedom!” and “Shame! Shame!”. Freedom the participants demanded to arrested Friday blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, and the word “shame” addressed to police officers and good people in mufti shoot what is happening on a small camcorder.Similar scene on may 30 and 31 can be seen not only in the capital. Belarusian communities in social networks filled with photos and video queues of people wanting to sign for Mrs. Tikhanovski in Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel, Grodno and other cities.Anyone who wants to obtain the identity of the candidate, to the 19th of June to submit to the CEC not less than 100 thousand signatures. Before CEC will accept them and decide that everything was done according to the law, wishing to participate in the elections are not presidential candidates, and candidates to candidates.The collection of signatures is now in full swing. By law, they are collected in so-called pickets around the country. Pickets in support of Svetlana Tikhanovski was a mass before her husband blogger Sergei Tikhanovski. Mr. tikhanovski, gained popularity due to sharp criticism of the authorities on the channel “Country life” on YouTube in mid-may, said he will compete for the post of President. But the CEC has not registered the initiative group to nominate a blogger for the presidency, and join the campaign decided his wife. Sergei tikhanovski was to help her, transforming each picket to collect signatures in protest against Alyaksandr Lukashenka.In a recent interview with “Kommersant” the blogger said that his goal is a change of government on the Armenian script. “People have reached this level, to the limit that many Belarusians have nothing to lose and they are ready, even if you have to stand for days, and a nation-wide strike to do. Someone has already said, even if he will suppress all hard again, and even guerrilla warfare will do. We call exclusively to peaceful protests, trying by law to do,” said Mr. tikhanovski and added”Belarusians dream that was like in Armenia.”Interview with the blogger “b” was published on may 28. And on may 29, Alexander Lukashenko said: “Here “Kommersant” broke article. Hurry, really. Showed where his ears stick out. Even whole horn. Rushed to support. Of course, the run-up to Lukashenko with an emphasis on the pandemic”. Sergei Tikhanovski the President called “a bastard who goes and shouts” and insults the police.About excitation of criminal case the interior Ministry reported, noting that in Hrodna, two police officers caused injuries of varying severity.Supporters of Sergei Tikhanovski, and the witnesses of the Grodno events talking about provocations, which accused the resident of Minsk (her identity is quickly established, although it was in a medical mask). On shooting from Grenoble shows how a woman approaches a blogger, trying to grab his clothes and then complains to the police that he refuses to answer her questions. When law enforcement officers after the complaint trying to detain a blogger, there is a commotion and one of the policemen is lying on the sidewalk. Then there is the riot police.Grodno incident led to the fact that on Saturday and Sunday the pickets for collection of signatures for the lady Tikhanovski almost everywhere turned into spontaneous protests against the authorities. A former member of the team of Alexander Lukashenka Valery Tsepkalo, who decided to take part in the upcoming elections and are now collecting signatures for himself, along with his wife came to the rally to Svetlana Tikhanovski, and set signatures for her nomination. “Tired already, honestly, is 26 years old! There is a normal constitutional period. Served one term, if the people believed you and left for a second and go have a rest,— he has criticized Mr. Lukashenko (quoted by TUT.BY).— How can you know life if you look at her from the window of an armored vehicle to escort? Or plane and Palace? You don’t know how people live who do not know the problem.”Ex-banker Victor Babariko also nominated, has called the events in Grodno as a provocation: “what we see suggests that it was a provocation, and therefore, the detention Tikhanovski illegally”.Resident of Comedy Club, comedian with Belarusian roots Andrei Skorokhod expressed Instagram (his account is signed 752 thousand): “the Belarusian nation is boiling. But the AHL (Alexander Lukashenko.— “B”) will never give up myself, because a lot did. Too many tortured. I’m bursting with anger. The chaos this will end sometime, I’m sure. And we see this a fair trial. Long Live Belarus!”The car that moved the policies were blocked, and then people in civilian clothes took him away in a black van. The chase and arrest were videotaped by someone of the passengers in the car of Mr. Statkevich. VIdeo disseminated by Belarusian Telegram-channels and the media. Another black van took the leader of “Young front” Dennis Urbanovich. Belarusian human rights center Vesna reported a total of 22 activists and politicians detained on may 31 across the country.Vladimir Solovyov