In the ether of the Belarusian TV channel “Belarus 1” was a plot devoted to the detention in Minsk of Russian citizens. In the video you can see stripes, medallions with the information about blood group, as well as Russian passports detained. While some documents as a place-of-birth is the Ukraine and the Ukrainian SSR.

Connectivity detainees were supported through the messenger. For example, there was this statement: “everyone stay in a hotel, without the permission or support of the senior group – Mozdok, the Shaman not to leave.” Also there was a schedule of lunch and dinner.

Earlier, the Belarusian mass media with reference to a source in the security services reported that on the territory of the Republic, was detained “32 militants, a private military company Wagner”. It was argued that they are all Russians. Later, Russian diplomats in Belarus have handed a notification on the detention of 32 Russian citizens.