Law enforcement officers of Belarus has published a video “Action, where the injured you don’t, because that affects all parties to the conflict”. It contained the stories of victims from the protesters security forces.

In the video, which the Belarusian interior Ministry has published on its YouTube channel, one of the employees of the police Department complains that I twisted my ankle at the moment when the security forces approached the part of the protesters. He suffered a broken ankle, he was taken to hospital and operated.

Another security official said that ended up in the hospital after caught him in the face with the bottle. Serviceman of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs in/h 3310 was behind the chains of their colleagues. As a result of the blow he lost his tooth, he has a cut on his lip.

I went down on him, knelt down, and see that blood is dripping very much. I got up, I had a painful shock, then sat down, then ran up to me and the doctors began to assist me, — has complained the security forces.

Earlier reported that one of the released in Minsk the women told about the abuses by security forces in prison. Riot police, according to her, beating people with rubber batons, threatened with death, taking my pants off.