FC Dynamo Brest fans can get their heads pasted on a mannequindukke to the team’s matches for 183 dollars.

Belarus is the only european country that defies coronakrisen and runs the football matches at the highest level with the spectators on the battens, but the clubs have, however, find it difficult to fill their stadiums.

So many of the fans at home for fear of being infected with coronavirus.

the Club FC Dynamo Brest have taken alternative methods in use to create a form of more life in the stands and make more money.

At Wednesday’s pokalkamp against Shakhtyor Soligorsk could the fans buy the ticket for the match and be displayed in its place without even meeting up.

instead, placed a mannequindukke on the seat, and on the doll’s head is mounted a picture of the ticket purchaser’s credit head.

This glory cost 67 belarusian rubles equivalent to 183 Danish kroner and was, according to the club a fine success.

– Our fans in the whole world seems to be happy. Thank you for the support, sounds from the club on Twitter.

Again, in the weekend there is a full program in the belarusian league, and Dynamo Brest repeating the success with the dolls in the stadium, when FC Islotsj are the opponent Sunday.

The belarusian football league has attracted great attention from foreign football fans, because the tournament is still under coronakrisen, while all the other leagues in Europe are suspended.

But the country’s decision to play on with the fans at the stadium however is not just popular among all the fans of the home member state.

First it was the club Neman Was in the fans that came out, that it would boycott the team’s games because of coronakrisen. Ago followed Shakhter Soligorsk suit.