Belarus was obliged to isolate themselves coming from abroad. Earlier, Lukashenko called coronavirus

the Government of Belarus ordered the people entering the country, to go on a two week isolation. For people who come from countries with unfavorable epidemiological situation, in addition will be 14-day medical supervision, says Meduza.

the restrictions do not apply to foreign diplomats and their family members, heads and members of official delegations, members of crews of aircrafts of train and locomotive crews, aliens in transit through the territory of Belarus.

in addition, Belarus in the fight against the novel coronavirus has limited the number of roads that can be transited to international carriers, thus they have the shortest route to leave the territory of the Republic on the day following the entry, was reported in the press service of the Belarusian government.

the message explains that the transit procedure are identified in the adopted by the government of the Republic of the decree that approves measures to prevent the introduction and spread of infection caused by a coronavirus COVID-19.

“the Drivers performing transit road transport of goods via Belarus, including the territory of the Russian Federation in member States of the European Union and Ukraine, between two points of crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus in the places established by the legislation, are obliged to pass only along the national roads on which you can stop for rest and meal of drivers, refueling vehicles”, – stated in the message.

it is Emphasized that the resolution approved the list of roads and specialized places.According to the report, “drivers, performing transit, are obliged to leave the territory of Belarus by the shortest route no later than the day following the day of entry into its territory.” With the exception of the cases where impossibility of compliance with the decreeonnogo period due to accident or vehicle breakdown, and unloading, transshipment of goods, replacement vehicle, if required by the terms of the contract road transport and indicated in the transport documents.

Belarus remained the only country in Europe where until recently there were almost no restrictive measures due to pandemic COVID-19. In particular, the country is not canceled sports competitions and mass events.

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has previously criticized other countries for the introduction of anticolonialism restrictions. “I have this coronavirus, referred to as psychosis and this will never give up because along with you has already gone through a psychosis, and we know where that led”, – he declared on March 19.

the President also advised the Belarusians to use alcohol, bath, and agricultural work as a means of coronavirus, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”. “Don’t need no panic, it should just work. Especially now in the village, a pleasure to watch on TV: people on the tractor working, no viruses. The tractor is in the cure all, the field of all treats” – said Lukashenko.

Then he moved to the half-joking advice of “traditional methods” of treatment. “I’m not a drinking man, but lately jokingly say that vodka is probably not only the hands should be washed, but in the day 40-50 grams in terms of pure alcohol, the poison of this virus,” said the leader of Belarus.

It is also advised to go to the bath two or three times a week, and at the same time to increase the “therapeutic dose” of alcohol. “If the sauna has to go out to wash not only hands, but also inside one hundred grams. I was a drinking man not advocating it, but normally I perceive it, at least until the day of Victory. Therefore, if the Secretary of state or the head of administration in the evening after the sauna STO grams drink vodka until May 9, it is tolerant and there will resolve everything,” the President added.

While the President laughed it off, in the fight against the virus has entered the Church. Sunday, March 22, Metropolitan Paul, the Patriarchal Exarch of Belarus, Minsk circled with a cross-the cross and sprinkled Holy city with water to appease the virus, which, as he said, a true believer is not terrible.

Officially in Belarus coronavirus infection have been confirmed 86 people.