The people of Belarus have noticed the unusual activity of army units, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Belarusians discuss the Network of military activity on the border with Russia, as well as the movement of army units in the direction of Minsk.

Belarusian column of armored vehicles noticed near the border with Russia

It is reported that on the highway M-1 “Minsk – Moscow” was spotted a column of army armored vehicles and armored vehicles moving towards the Russian border. Also in a Network there was video with the Belarusian military, deploying the tent city near the highway “Minsk – Moscow”. Witnesses also filmed a convoy of armored vehicles moving towards the border with Russia.

The activity of the Belarusian military may be associated with the concerns of the Belarusian authorities the transfer to the Republic of “foreign mercenaries” after the arrest of the Russians, who supposedly came to Belarus to destabilize the situation ahead of the presidential elections, experts say.

Mass movement of the army and internal security forces are seen in Minsk. The Internet was published video on which the column of army trucks and buses arrive in the Belarusian capital. Among the military equipment seen cars equipped with water cannons and paddy wagons.

The Belarusian opposition believes that the “Russian threat” used by the government to pull additional forces to the capital in case of riots and mass protests before and after the presidential election scheduled for 9 August.

On 29 July, as reported by “the Rambler”, the Belarusian authorities announced the arrest of 33 Russian militants PMC Wagner who arrived in the country to destabilize the situation during the presidential election. In their relation criminal case about preparation of a terrorist act.