Belarus is negotiating with the U.S. on oil supplies


Belarus holds negotiations on oil supplies with the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, said Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with workers of the newsprint plant in Shklov.

“I have a Brilliant relationship with them. Say how much, so much oil will deliver. Of course, this world price. But the quality of the oil there is better”, – quotes the head of state Sputnik of Belarus.

According to the President of the Republic, now tested alternative routes, to assess the opportunities and losses.

“It’s not a bluff, it’s not what they say, Lukashenko raises the stakes before the talks. No rates,” he said.

Lukashenko stressed that Belarus does not refuse from the Russian oil, but intends to diversify the supply.

Earlier, he urged Russia to calm down and return to normal relations. Lukashenko stressed that Moscow still remains Minsk’s main ally.

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