Belarus has flooded Russia with contraband cigarettes

in Almost all regions of Russia sell smuggled cigarettes from Belarus, said IT is “Motor”, which summarized data from 600 thousand online box office retail brick and mortar stores.

“in January this year, smuggled cigarettes sold in 70 Russian regions”, — said “Motor”. The company took into account only sales of brands that do not deliver to Russia legally, — NZ, Minsk, FEST, Credo.

meanwhile, 22% of cigarettes in brick and mortar retail in Smolensk and Chelyabinsk regions of Russia are illegally imported from Belarus. In Dagestan, these cigarettes 10%, in Vologda region — 8%, in Ivanovo region — 7%, St. Petersburg — 6%, Volgograd region — 5%.

the Demand for illicit tobacco is easy to explain, emphasizes “Motor”. Average price of illicit cigarettes is almost two times lower than the price of the legitimate product — 55 RUB against RUB 93

Illegal cigarette selling 3% brick and mortar stores. “The share of Belarusian contraband sales of cigarettes in Russia in January 2020 amounted to not less than 1.1%. But the share of illegal tobacco is much higher,” — said the Director for the labelling of “Motor” Vyacheslav Predybaylo, reports RIA “Novosti”.

From 1 July 2020, the shops should only sell branded cigarettes, taking goods e-waybills. For offenders subject to administrative and criminal liability. “The decline in the share of illegal goods will make the competition in this business more honest, because violators will not be able to dump” explained Predybaylo.