Belarus gave a forecast on the situation with coronavirus

In Belarus in the next three to four weeks it is expected the stabilization of the situation with the spread of coronavirus and reducing infections. This was stated by the chief state sanitary doctor of the Republic of Natalia Zhukova, BelTA

“within two to three weeks the situation is over, we’ll be peprocess. But I would like to note that the situation is controllable. (…) Why we make such a conclusion: we still tracked the incidence of respiratory infections,” — said Deputy Minister of health.

She explained that the reduction in the incidence of SARS in Belarus gives grounds to believe that infection is the number of coronavirus “anyway stabiliziruemost or begin to decline.”

Zhukov also stressed that the number of patients with coronavirus and the number of those who identified the infection may not match because some people are only carriers of SARS-CoV-2. They adhere strictly to the home isolation, and in the case of a breach they are made administrative reports, said the chief sanvrach.

Earlier it was reported that, contrary to the recommendations of the world health organization (who) to ban mass events in Belarus from April 20 to resume the educational process in schools, and on April 25th will be held the Republican subbotnik.

According to the latest data, in Belarus, the coronavirus has infected 4779 people, 42 died. Total number infected with virus SARS-CoV-2 in the world exceeded 2.2 million, 148 thousand died, 558 thousand was cured.