Although the entire football-Europa is quiet, goes to Belarus with a second – and perhaps surprising – strategy.

the soccer ball rolls, which remains on, and the just-completed weekend was no exception.

the Matches were even played with spectators in the stands. And it is despite the fact that the WHO has called on Belarus to act on corona-the crisis and follow the recommendations on, among other things, keep a distance and isolate themselves.

But the Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenko, has not chosen to listen.

He has even said that the coronavirus can be combated by drinking vodka, driving the tractor or go in the sauna. At the same time, he has also made fun of other countries ‘ restrictions against coronaviruses.

The Norwegian media VG has talked with Yuri Dovnar, who is the editor of the belarusian sportsavis Pressball, which explains why the government continue to let the soccer ball roll untouched on.

“It is only recommendations. Regardless of seen what will be the decision taken in Minsk,” he says.

Sunday was played in all four matches in Belarus.

The attending spectators will have all taken their temperature before they get access to the stadium.

Uefa and Fifa have together tried to get the changed conditions in Belarus, so they – like the rest of the football-Europe – suspend the sport because of coronaviruses. Until it is, however, not succeeded.

2.578 are infected with the corona virus in Belarus.

In all, 26 persons lost their lives to the deadly virus in the country.