the Share of Belarus in foreign trade turnover of the Orenburg region in 2019 amounted to 7.7 percent in the first quarter of 2020 20.3 percent. Orenburg export of goods to Belarus made up to 115.2 million dollars. A significant part of the supply consists of hydrocarbons. But not only that. For the first time from the Orenburg region, Belarus received 3.5 thousand tons of asbestos. Back come the Belarusian dump trucks with a payload up to 100 tons. Minsk tractor and a number of other Belarusian manufacturers use radiators Orenburg. End products – wheeled tractors MTZ, agricultural machinery, Gomselmash, MAZ trucks – are also in demand the Urals. As light industry products, meat and dairy products.

About the prospects of cooperation, said Chairman of Bellegprom concern Tatiana Lugina, the virtual head of the Belarusian delegation. She invited the Urals in the VII Forum of regions of Belarus and Russia, which will take place in September in Minsk and Minsk region. Another meeting place could become Belarusian industrial investment forum, scheduled for 29 September – 2 October.