Bekmambetov will shoot a film about the heroism of the pilot devyataeva remotely

for the First time in film history a scene of aerial combat will be shot in a real computer game War Thunder. The second film will lead the filming remotely with the platform Microsoft collaboration Teams. And to top it off for filming, which will be held in the pavilion “Lenfilm” in Saint Petersburg on March 20, will be broadcast live through an online broadcast in social networks.

Photo: EPA-EFE/IAN LANGSDON Movies in the era of pandemic

the Scene will be shot in real tactical battle in the virtual space of the popular online game War Thunder – simulation models of military equipment, including aircraft during the Second world war. During the filming of a scene of actor Paul Priluchny (“C”, “Union of salvation”), who plays in the movie the main character – Mikhail devyataeva – will compete in a computer game with real gamers.

the Script is not written beforehand in the virtual space will unfold the real fight, which will battle six of the Soviet and German fighters. In the scene with Priluchny will bring together the best virtual pilots of War Thunder. This is all explained in the release issued by the company of Timur Bekmambetov.

Bekmambetov and technical team will manage the imaging process remotely from Moscow with the platform Microsoft collaboration Teams, while the actors will be in St. Petersburg in the pavilion of the film Studio “Lenfilm”. Technological solution will turn the tablet Bekmambetov in the Director’s console and a virtual walkie-talkie that the Director will be able to use the same as if he was in the pavilion.

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curiously, the release says that “the need for new solutions was dictated by the tight schedule of the Director, who by virtue of employment could not always be present on set in the pavilion”. However, the new technology was in demand in the current situation related to the coronavirus. Perhaps other Directors will move to it, and film companies will not stop shooting, and those who have already stopped, will resume them.

Here is what says about this Timur Bekmambetov:

“We’re making a film about the war, and according to the news report, too, almost military reports in connection with the coronavirus – the curfew, the food shortages, panic among the population, etc. If during the great Patriotic war continued to make movies, and especially now is not the time to despair. We are looking for new ways to continue to make movies. Come to the aid of new technologies and creative approach. Because of this, you can continue to withdraw and not to expose to risks for the health of the crew”.

Recall that the “FAA. Escape from hell” will be released in 2021 in two formats: horizontal for cinemas and vertical for viewing on smartphones. The co-producers tape – Studio Bazelevs, Voenfilm and mobile operator MTS. A film about the heroism of Mikhail devyataeva will be the first project of the new platform, MTS Media with mobile content in a vertical format.