The explosion in Beirut killed at least 12 people. Among them were the Secretary General of the Lebanese party “al-Kataib” Nazar Najarian. This is reported by local media. According to the red cross, hundreds injured taken to hospital, more people were trapped in their homes. It was initially reported that the cause of the accident was a fire in a warehouse with pyrotechnics. Later, the head of General security of Lebanon, Abbas Ibrahim said that it was other explosives. In social networks there was video that captured the moment of the explosion. The footage shows that the first above ground appeared a spark, then there was cotton, and rose into the air cloud of dense smoke. In buildings in a radius of several kilometers from the epicenter of smashed glass. The Governor of Beirut Marwan Abbou said that affected approximately half of the city.To eliminate the consequences of the incident joined the Lebanese army. The Governor of Beirut compared the explosion in the port with the events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Near the place of incident was the local correspondent of Agency “RIA Novosti” Mr Alaeddin. In conversation with “Kommersant FM”, he noted that the shock wave was felt throughout Beirut: “While the cause of the explosion nothing is not known. I saw a small cotton from the other side, the smoke went out, but five minutes later it turned out that it’s a blast. Now we are talking about dozens wounded, came a huge number of ambulances”.After the explosion in the city there are problems with cell phones and the Internet, told “Kommersant FM” resident of the suburbs of Beirut Oksana Naked: “I live in the mountains, but I heard a Bang and felt a wave. First they said that sort of exploded ammunition depot. Then say that it came from the Israeli side. Now very poor Internet. He was never good in Lebanon, but usually had worse quality after the bombings. We’re all just calling and texting each other, asking if everything is alive and well. Of course, now all this is discussed within come different videos. All are worried about family members.”To eliminate the consequences joined the Lebanese army. The explosion was visible even from the remote parts of Beirut, told “Kommersant FM” the guide, the Chairman of the coordination Council of Russian compatriots in Lebanon Olga dager: “at First it was like a strong earthquake. I live far enough away from the port, from the explosion, but was seen a huge cloud of smoke oppressive red. Soon sounded the siren of the fire trucks, all rushed to the TV. Lebanese TV responded almost immediately. At first was daunting, but pretty soon it became clear that the explosion occurred in the port. Immediately responded to social networks, there are many versions about the reasons of the explosion, but the information is still unconfirmed. A huge amount of damage: areas Rpoison with the port, rather densely populated, old, not very fashionable, so there is a very dense buildings.Judging by the fact that you can now see from TV reports, there is substantial damage. Even I, living a few miles away felt the explosion. At the moment, already talking about a large number of wounded.”The Lebanese media is discussing a version of that in the warehouse of pyrotechnic rockets hit the Israeli air force, who planned to attack targets Lebanese radical grouping “Hezbollah”. However, in most Shiite group denied the information that the explosion occurred at their facility, but Israel has officially stated that it is not involved in the incident in Lebanon, said military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski: “the Spark was just in the moment of ignition of pyrotechnics. Greater explosion, equivalent to a capacity of about several tons of TNT, occurred then. Apparently, the pyrotechnics worked as a detonator. Something was near. And the pyrotechnics of the explosion is not given, it was burning for quite a long time, about 15 minutes. Some types of fertilizers based on nitrate, ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate can give really such an explosion. Similar episode has happened in Texas at the fertilizer plant. There is a similar picture was. The entire plant was destroyed. In my opinion, more than 50 people were killed. But of course with a nuclear explosion of power still it does not compare. This Lebanese officials have exaggerated. Too many conflict points in Lebanon and Beirut and within society, and among various factions, and external forces. We should not exclude the likelihood of involvement in the bombing of Israel. It is known that it is far beyond the borders of their territories strikes on their opponents, Hezbollah in particular. But Israel has no such power ammunition with conventional warheads. It’s bigger than the warhead of a missile or bomb”. Media reports that the explosion damaged the international airport. Also damaged the building of the Russian Embassy in Beirut. The Embassy reported that the blast made the doors and broke the glass on the front of the house. One Embassy employee was injured, her medical assistance.Victoria Feofanova, Juliana Minenkova