In the heart of Beirut — new clashes. Police used tear gas and truncheons against the activists who tried using concrete barriers to break through to the parliamentary Palace on the place de l’etoile. The clashes, both sides injured. Injured nearly 60 people, according to RIA Novosti.

In Beirut, a state of emergency

To mass anti-government shares on 8 August called on the leader of the opposition party “Kataib” Sami Gemayel. Previously, he announced the release of three members of Parliament from the party. On the scene is writer and journalist Ankhara Kochneva.

a Ankhara Kochneva, writer and journalist:

“I’m just in the shopping center, which is blocked on all sides by the army to here is not broken, although there is already obliterated all these Protestants. They throw rocks, you smell tear gas. That is, I’m in. Now these, it seems, will storm the army. It smells very tear gas, so I put on a mask poured water. Sitting on top of a high point and watch it all.”

Earlier it became known that the activists in Beirut planned for Saturday evening protest. The organizers believe that the authorities are responsible for the economic and political problems in the country, as well as for the explosion, which occurred August 4 at the port of Beirut.

According to the latest figures, the disaster claimed the lives of over 150 people, about 6 thousand wounded. The authorities do not cope with the liquidation of consequences of state of emergency, told Business FM resident of Beirut Catherine.

“people are dissatisfied with the actions of the government, that is actually no action no, no coordination. Goods arrive, for example, humanitarian aid, medicine, food, and the government States that the hospital did not. That is, the warehouses are empty, no medication, and at the same time there was information that they refuse to help, saying we have everything. Here’s contradictory information. No logistics. That is, perhaps, the goods come but they will not deliver, and at the same time, people suffer because they do not get required, no drugs, ends is all. No help yet from the municipality, not even for all the houses of the past representatives of the municipality, to assess the damage, to tell people, to be restored, cannot be restored, can be accommodated in the building or not. That is the part of the authorities, the confusion, and I don’t even know what to call it. People have waited how many days had passed, three days, all waited, all hoping that something will start to do. But the only thing that the young people themselves concerned residents from across Lebanon gather in Beirut with brooms, shovels to clear the streets. Go from door to door, call, ask what you want, clean��me. In fact, the garbage in the streets, which may hand make, we have all claimed, remained bulky pieces that hands will not carry, will not rake. A lot of people that can help, but the government is no help absolutely.”

Meanwhile, Turkey said it was ready to rebuild an explosion damaged the port in Beirut. Ankara also offered to the Lebanese authorities to use the Turkish port Mersin on the Mediterranean sea at the time of liquidation of consequences of explosion in Beirut. This was announced by Vice President of Turkey Fuat oktay.

Turkey is trying to use the situation to strengthen its influence in Lebanon. This opinion was expressed by head of the Department of comparative political studies peoples ‘ friendship University Professor Yuri Post.

a Yury Mail, head of the Department of comparative politics RUDN, Professor:

“Turkey has the opportunity to prove themselves, especially on this site to get some economic benefits, opportunities. But I think that the reaction and opposition from the US and Israel, for which the Turkish port near their border is unacceptable. The fact that Erdogan is a friend, then at war with Israel, but its politics are unpredictable, and Israel in any case, it seems to me, do not want Turkey to have such opportunity. We see that Turkey is just one of the first expressed desire to increase its influence in Lebanon, which is now in a very difficult situation, but I think it will be to a certain extent, competition between those who wanted to be here to strengthen their influence. It could be Saudi Arabia, it could be US. So we see the beginning of an interesting competition for increased influence in Lebanon. I don’t think that Russia will compete with Turkey, because, first, Lebanon was under the control of France and kept there some of their positions, and will offer assistance. Now get more influence there, the United States, Turkey is not the first, by the way, in turn on the effect. So Russia will provide of course help, and we see this already beginning to happen, but the scale is, I think, will be quite modest.”

Czech rescuers stopped their work in Beirut because of security situation. Employees of the Russian emergency situations during the day, surveyed a thousand square meters of rubble after the explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital, and the Russian doctors “Tsentrospas” has helped during the day, 84 of the victims.