The Chinese Foreign Ministry has warned NATO to take a rational view of China’s rise and foreign policy, but said it is willing to engage in dialogue with the alliance on the basis of mutual respect.

Hua Chunying, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, told the gathered press on Tuesday that Beijing was prepared to cooperate with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

Her remarks come on the same day as NATO is set to publish a report which purportedly outlines the growing threat posed by the Chinese state.

Hua said China has always had a purely defensive national defense policy and hoped that NATO would recognize this. 

“I hope NATO can establish a correct view of China and take a rational view of China’s development and foreign policy. China is willing to conduct dialogue and cooperation with NATO on the basis of equality and mutual respect,” the spokeswoman commented. 

“China never engages in intimidation or intimidation diplomacy. On the contrary, China is the victim of intimidation and intimidation diplomacy,” she added, a clear reference to increased US interference in the South China Sea and East China Sea. 

The ‘NATO 2030’ report will propose a number of solutions to ensure the alliance stays ahead of adversaries China and Russia. 

The documents reportedly contain 138 proposals for reforming the organization amid growing concerns about its purpose and relevance, which even its members have begun questioning. French President Emmanuel Macron labelled the organization “brain dead” last year. 

“China is no longer the benign trading partner that the West had hoped for. It is the rising power of our century and NATO must adapt,” one NATO diplomat who has read the report told Reuters.   

China’s relations with many NATO nations has suffered in 2020, particularly with the US.

Beijing vehemently opposes US interventionism in Southeast Asia and has repeatedly called on President Donald Trump’s government to desist.

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