last week, the largest wholesale market of Beijing, “Sinhale” was identified an outbreak of coronavirus. Authorities of the capital have warned about the very high risk of spread COVID-19. Vice-Premier of the state Council of China sun Chunlan for its part, has called for “stringent epidemiological investigations” in the market and around it, as well as “the careful monitoring of sources” of infection to contain the infection.

the area surrounding the market, introduced the state of emergency, suspended the work of other wholesale markets of Beijing. The city canceled classes in schools and sporting events.

Authorities began testing all those working in the market as well as all people living in the hearth of infection and the surrounding areas. Last night in town for the coronavirus was tested more than 76 thousand people. Infection was detected in several tens of employees of the market and contacts with them. Authorities continue the search for those who visited “Sinhali” after may 30. Conducted surveys of local residents, both in person and on the phone.

Meanwhile a leading epidemiologist of the Beijing center for prevention and control of diseases in Tsungu expressed confidence that authorities in the Chinese capital will be able to keep the situation under control. “After Beijing, this time the epidemic broke out, immediately sounded the alarm, the market “Sinhale” was locked, was quickly taken decisive action. We are sure that you will certainly be able to keep the situation under control,” – quoted by his newspaper Renmin Ribao.

a Colleague this expert Yan Peng believes that the coronavirus could be imported from Europe, however, to determine exactly from where it was imported, is not yet possible.