stands out As the FC Lucerne on Wednesday at 12 noon in the direction of Torshavn, is missing a prominent player on Board: Christian Schneuwly (31) has dissolved his contract on Tuesday evening, effective immediately. It was, of all things, Schneuwly, who had scored in the first leg against the uncomfortable Faroe Islands from Klaksvik in the last second the winning goal. At 0:0 on the last Sunday against the FCZ sass Schneuwly, however, 75 minutes on the bench. As in the first championship game in St. Gallen, as Schneuwly almost an hour to wait for him, coach Thomas Häberli began. Schneuwly met, however, because at the last second and secured the FCL of the 2:0-Auswärtssig.

so, Schneuwly enough, and may no longer be a complement to players. This is exactly what had him trying to coach Häberli and head of sports Remo Meyer to make them palatable. Schneuwly had insisted in exchange for an early extension of his in June 2020 expiring contract.

he Goes to Thun?

“I have spoken with the Club officials. The different views about my future role in the Team for me were the decisive reason, of the contract by immediately dissolve.”

Where is Schneuwlys uncertain future. Well possible, however, that he remains in Switzerland. As Schneuwly release is free to have, he could be, for example, for Xamax or Thun is interesting. But also Lausanne and Aarau, where his brother Marco is under contract, is likely to think about a commitment by the midfielder.