Two men with two shovels in Hand under a pile of garbage. Plastic bottles, cans and packaging, where the eye can see. Supposedly a demo recorded of the Climate on the weekend. Comment: “I am proud of the youth, because they know what it is.”

Now the picture on the web. A lot of the sanctimonious young people, funny, go, while loudly for the climate on the street, around the back but left a lot of garbage.

“is left dirty with garbage the Demo of the parties Involved,” writes a User to the image. In addition, a Kotz-Smiley. to hear

“Rather than rushing

” Only: This image is from the year 2016. And was not created in the context of a climate Demo, but during the street parade. More precisely: for the Anti-Littering campaign of the SBB. Behind the waste-to-image-Rod communication. On their Facebook page, the well-known power of the advertising Agency on the Fake alert. And writes: “Rod communication condemns the false Declaration of the image, and the deliberate mobilization against the important climate-Engagement of our youth in the strongest possible terms!”

Even if some have fallen for the Fake garbage. In the meantime, many have a look to the fraud by, comment on the picture with “Fake”. And not only that, they condemn the attempt to rail against the climate-Demos. So someone writes on Facebook: “Dear youth listen to rush instead of against you”. (jmh)